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Prof. Miguel Angel Alario-Franco, Universidad Complutense in Madrid (UCM), Spain awarded the inaugural Complutense Medal for excellence in teaching and research

Prof. Miguel Alario-Franco was honored by FLOGEN with the 2022 Fray International Sustainability Award at the Gala ceremony of FLOGEN's 2022 Sustainability through Science and Technology / Sustainable Industrial Processing Summit (SIPS 2022) in Phuket, Thailand, in November 2022 a ceremony presided by Dr. Florian Kongoli, SIPS President

- Video of Award Ceremony:

FLOGEN SIPS 2022 Awards: Dr. Miguel Angel Alario Franco, Professor, Universidad Complutense, Spain

- Award Web site: https://www.flogen.org/?p=20&bio=AlarioFranco

Prof. Miguel Alario-Franco was also honored with the symposium bearing his name (Alario-Franco International Symposium on Solid State Chemistry for Applications & Sustainable Development) at the same FLOGEN's SIPS 2022 event.

Official Web site here: https://flogen.org/sips2022/Alario_Franco.php

Following the footsteps of other FLOGEN award recipients who have subsequently achieve further recognition, Prof. Miguel Alario-Franco was awarded the inaugural Complutense Medal for excellence in teaching and research by a Decree of the Rector of the Universidad Complutense, Madrid (UCM), Spain in recognition of his outstanding contributions for both teaching & Research.

Alario_Franco_metal1 Alario_Franco_metal2
Photos of both sides of the Medal

The Decree of Nomination

Video of Ceremony:

We wish similar future successes for all FLOGEN Award winners that were honoured during SIPS in previous years as documented in the pages of this web site.


FLOGEN Sustainability through Science and Technology / Sustainable Industrial Processing Summit (SIPS), is a yearly event that is deeply science-focused and technology & engineering-oriented. It has been organized since 2003 by the not-for-profit corporation. FLOGEN Stars Outreach (www.flogen.org), which is dedicated to achieving sustainability through science and technology. It incorporates summit plenary lectures from well-known speakers that address the link between scientific, technology and engineering domains in the pursuit of sustainable development, as well as specific science, technology and engineering symposia that feature technical presentations with the same goals in mind.

Based on the FLOGEN Sustainability Framework ( https://flogen.org/pdf/sips16_524FS.pdf), following a long and rich tradition, the summit covers 3 sustainability pillars: (1) Science, Technology & Industry, (2) Governance & Management and (3) Education & Civil Society.

It attracts the participation of numerous Nobel Laureates and many Distinguished Guests. It features in average about 50 scientific and technology symposia covering various distinguished fields. Academics, Engineers, Managers, Directors, CEOs, Medical Doctors, Lawyers, Economists and Politicians are in attendance.

SIPS is held annually since 2003 in various countries around the world: https://www.flogen.org/?p=32#toop