FLOGEN SIPS Impressions

FLOGEN SIPS has had numerous guests attend over the years. The impressions of various esteemed guests can be seen below, and is updated yearly after each international symposium.


sips2023/img3/thumbs_5559.jpg Dr. Christian Andre Amatore
CNRS & PSL, French Academy of Sciences, France

Congratulations again for this excellent SIPS and for the quality of your present team members Warmest wishes

sips2023/img3/thumbs_6528.jpg Ms. Nathalia Balzana Anacleto
Univ. Federal Fluminense, Brazil

It was a great pleasure and a great honor to participate in SIPS 2023

sips2023/img3/thumbs_6864.jpeg Mr. Ali Efe Caglayan
Environmental Sustainability Manager
Sisecam, Turkey

It was an honor to discuss sustainability and our company's approach at the symposium. I appreciate your positive acknowledgment.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_6527.png Mr. Bertrand Cazes
Secretary General
Glass for Europe, Belgium

In our fast-moving world, it is not easy to spare 3 days to attend a conference. I am glad I did and joined the FLOGEN Stars Outreach SIPS2023 conference on #sustainability through science. It was an honor to co-chair one of the sessions on glass sustainability and to present Glass for Europe 2050 vision on flat glass in a climate neutral EU. One very positive take away for me: more and more people are looking into how we can boost the recycling of old glazing into new flatglass. The countless exchanges with the scientific community and engineers gathered were very enlightening. It is not every day that one has the chance to interact with so many distinguished researchers including Nobel Laureates, in such diverse fields of science.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_6878.jpeg Dr. Pierre COLLIGNON
PD2-I, Paris, France

Very interesting conference, lots of knowledgeable participants. Enjoyed the Awards night

no_photo Ms. Cherry Collignon
PD2-I, Paris, France

The conference is such an important event, glad to be part of it , enjoyable one, very interesting papers

sips2023/img3/thumbs_6600.png Mr. Dimas Coura
Assistant Professor
IFMG Campus Ouro, Branco, Brazil

SIPS 2023 was perfect! The symposium was incredible with high-level work that will contribute to everyone's success!

no_photo Dr. Jesus Cruz Guzman
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico

it was a good opportunity for network and share information

sips2023/img3/thumbs_6657.jpeg Dr. Andreas Diegeler
Director of Center of Device Development
Fraunhofer ISC, Germany

Nice event with a lot of opportunities to enhance network.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_891.jpg Dr. Harold Dodds
University of Tennessee, United States

Overall SIPS2023 was very good!

sips2023/img3/thumbs_6081.jpg Dr. Luis Echegoyen
University of Texas El-Paso, United States

Scientific Merit: after a one-week stay at Dreams Hyatt Playa Bonita resort in Panama City, where the Echegoyen International Symposium was held in the SIPS 2023 Meeting between Tuesday-Friday. Many thanks to all my friends and collaborators who came to participate in the symposium in my honor, I am truly honored by the presence and excellent scientific contributions. It was an excellent symposium due to their presence and contributions

no_photo Mr. Francis V Fernandes
, India

Your contribution to a better world is much appreciated.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_6749.jpeg Dr. Fernando Fernandez-Lazaro
U. Miguel Hernandez de Elche, Spain

It was a nice meeting.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_6514.jpg Dr. Wilson Ferreira Santos Jr.
Judge & Vice-President
Masonic Court of Justice of the Grand Orient of Minas Gerais, Brazil

Congratulations to Dr. Florian and the other organizers of this integrative event, corroborating with a wealth of information, benefits and opportunities for companies, with applicability in their industrial, commercial processes and services, based on knowledge, technology and innovations. My participation in SIPS really resonated like an algorithm in my life, it greatly multiplied my professional opportunities and the list of vibrant new and great friends in this blessed world of GOD.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_2766.png Dr. Peter Futas
assoc. prof.
Technical U. of Kosice, Slovakia

Great Conference, Great location

no_photo Dr. Malgorzata Gradzka-Dahlke
Assoc. Prof.
Bialystok U. of Technology, Poland

It was a very interesting experience, both because of the format - I really liked the idea of interdisciplinarity, the organisation, which was disciplined enough to listen to interesting presentations, and the opportunity to meet and listen to so many scientific personalities.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_6752.jpeg Mrs. Ana Maria Guilherme Bailon
Samarco, Brazil

Excelente evento

sips2023/img3/thumbs_6500.png Dr. Dirk Michael Guldi
Head Dept Chemistry & Pharmacy
FAU Erlangen-Nurnberg, Germany

Thanks for the wonderful organization conference in Panama. Certainly, one of my highlights

no_photo Dr. Megumi Hirota
Naval Ship M&UEP R.C., Japan

I was truly impressed by the policy of SIPS expressed by Dr. Kongoli, that intends to keep the advancement of sustainable development society in political, academic and people's well fair at the same time. This is why that the SIPS2023 covers wide area of science and I felt the conference was in great success in the expressed policy.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_6539.png Ms. Megan Householder
Graduate Research Associate
Arizona State University, United States

Amazing conference! Much nicer than others I have been to. The all-inclusive element was great, especially not worrying about having to choose meals before leaving and being able to choose at the hotel. The location was also amazing, as well as the company. The celebration dinners were a great element that made celebrating the science very special. I met several people and have a few project ideas for collaboration! Overall this felt like a once in a lifetime experience (but I hope it''s not because I'll be there next year)! Thank you so much!.

no_photo Dr. Diana Lago
FunGlass – Centre for Functional and Surface Functionalized Glass - Alexander Dubček University of Trenčín, Slovakia

I really enjoyed and it was a pleasure to participate in the Duran Symposium on Glass Processing & Applications.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_6751.jpg Mr. Raphael Medeiros
Samarco, Brazil

Excellent event! great moments.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_6508.png Dr. Erik Muijsenberg
Vice President
Glass Service Inc, Czech Republic

A HOT meeting with HOT topics. The UN International Year of Glass (#IYOG) team, along with several distinguished guests from the glass industry, had the honor of being invited to participate in the FLOGEN Stars Outreach SIPS2023 conference on sustainability through science in Panama. Attending the sessions on glass sustainability was a pleasure, and it was an opportunity for the GS Group to present its vision on carbon reduction in glass melting. For instance, considering a combination of increased electricity usage where feasible, transitioning to hydrogen in the future, and enhancing cullet recycling. Additionally, the discussions focusing on improving the recycling of flat glass proved to be incredibly valuable as part of the future solution. The numerous exchanges with the scientific community and gathered engineers were enlightening. It's not every day that one has the chance to interact with such a diverse group of distinguished researchers, including Nobel Laureates, spanning various fields of science. Professor Dr. Alicia Duran and I were honored to receive two Sustainability awards for our work, named after Nobel Laureates. This 3rd recognition this year motivates us even more to continue our efforts in the #AgeofGlass. We seldom had a so motivated audience to applaud our Award ceremony.

no_photo Mr. Yuki Nakama

Thank you for your nice arrangement!

sips2023/img3/thumbs_6053.jpg Dr. Alexandra Navrotsky
Arizona State University, United States

Great Meeting. The meeting was indeed wonderful.

no_photo Dr. Rositca Nikolova
Full Professor
University of Sofia, Bulgaria

I am impressed by the organization, the level of the reports presented and the wonderful setting.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_6765.jpg Prof. Kang Min Ok
Sogang University, South Korea

Overall, SIPS 2023 was very good!

sips2023/img3/thumbs_7196.png Dr. Eduardo Ortega-Barria
National Secretary

Happy to host SIPS 2023 in Panama this year and for SENACYT to co-organize!

sips2023/img3/thumbs_6753.jpeg Mr. Felipe Otavio Morato
Samarco, Brazil

Never in my life did I imagine sitting next to two Nobel Prize winners, especially alongside Professor Stanley Whittingham, who developed lithium-ion batteries-a global initiative that, in my opinion, is crucial for real sustainable development. I would like to express my immense gratitude to Samarco for the opportunity, to my leaders Rodrigo Vilela and Sergio Mileipe who support ESG initiatives, to my colleagues who participated in the event and wrote exceptional articles: ANA MARIA BAILON, Raphael Dias de Medeiros, Giovanni Salierno, Mauricio Cota Fonseca, Alexandro Uliana, and our entire team that developed environmentally friendly and innovative initiatives for a different approach to mining. Moreover, it was a pleasure to see my professor and advisor Paulo Assis, as well as our Samarco's CEO Rodrigo Vilela, being honored by SIPS Florian Kongoli

sips2023/img3/thumbs_4403.jpg Dr. Kenneth Poeppelmeier
Northwestern University, United States

Excellent event. FLOGEN SIPs Panama was a great well-run conference that emphasizes sustainability, science and engineering advances, and challenges that face the global community.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_6827.png Dr. Manisha Rane-Fondacaro
Soul-Led Solutions LLC, United States

This was my first time attending a SIPS event and it was an incredible experience. Dr. Kongoli was most generous and accommodating of my last-minute request to present at the plenary session for sharing how we can expand renewable energy worldwide to produce cheapest electricity and green hydrogen to meet the climate change challenge. This second talk allowed me to connect with many important people in iron & steel making industry and other organizations, and we have started a dialog on collaboration. This was my first-time presenting business plan, and I received much valuable feedback from important people in my industry, customers, and future collaborators. Thank you, Dr. Kongoli for building up SIPS to this level of eminence that launches many careers, businesses, and industries.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_6963.jpeg Prof. Jeffrey Salisbury
Mayo Clinic, United States

Well done. Great opportunity for networking.

no_photo Mrs. Gislaine Soares Araujo
UFOP, Brazil

Excellent event

no_photo Dr. Braian Soares Leite Araujo
Graduando em Engenharia de Mina
U. Federal de Ouro Preto, Brazil

If you ask me what I'm feeling after this wonderful experience that was traveling to Panama and at SIPS 2023, the answer without a doubt would be gratitude and duties accomplished.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_6565.png Dr. Mauricio Leonardo Torem
Pontifical Catholic U. of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The conference gala dinner was very nice through ZOOM

sips2023/img3/thumbs_6543.jpeg Mr. Stephen Whettingsteel
CEO & Managing Director
Krysteline Technologies Ltd, United Kingdom

What a busy few days it has been at the Duran Symposium of SIPS 2023. The glass team presented many diverse subjects and challenge many parts of the industry, exploring less familiar subjects, each helping to decarbonise our industry. Congratulations also go our to Alicia Duran and Erik Muijsenberg on their awards.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_6790.jpeg Prof. Svetlana Yefremova
Head Scientific Secretary
National Center on Complex Processing of Mineral Raw Materials, Kazakhstan

Until recently, it was unthinkable to imagine meeting a Nobel Prize winner in person. And now it took place thanks to participation in the SIPS2023 Summit. Dr. Florian Kongoli, President of the Organizing Committee, Chairman of the FLOGEN Stars Outreach, brought together well-known scientists from different fields of science for a constructive dialogue on sustainable development issues. SIPS2023 was dedicated to Prof. Stanley Whittingham, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, who discovered the role of Lithium in Lithium ion batteries.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_7071.jpeg Dr. Wael Zatar
Marshall University, United States

Excellent Conference!!


sips2023/img3/thumbs_4571.jpg Dr. Miguel A. Alario Franco
Universidad Complutense, Spain

Thank you very much, indeed, Florian. Specially, for having made all that possible and giving me the Fray International Sustainability Award. That night was a great, really fantastic night, within a very interesting and fruitful meeting.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_325.jpg Dr. Andrey Dmitriev
Russian Academy of Sciences - Ural, Russian Federation

Thank you so much for the excellent organization of the symposium and the warm welcome.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_6394.png Dr. Athan Fox
Ever Resource Ltd, United Kingdom

SIPS 2022 was amazing - thank you and your team for putting on a great show.

no_photo Mr. Pascal Negre
IPM², France

Many thanks for the perfect organization and selection of topics and presentations during SIPS 2022 in sunny Phuket! Looking forward to hopefully meeting you again next year in the selected location of SIPS2023!

sips2023/img3/thumbs_4142.png Dr. Alain Tressaud
ICMCB-CNRS, University Bordeaux, France

I would like to tell you again how exceptional I found the SIPS meeting in Phuket All the characteristics that made your meetings a success was present: very high scientific content of the symposia, most prestigious guests, marvelous site, combined with conviviality and unforgettable evenings.


sips2023/img3/thumbs_4759.png Dr. Tunc Aldemir
The Ohio State University, United States

One of the best organized technical meetings I have attended over the past 35 years

sips2023/img3/thumbs_1557.jpg Dr. Austen Angell
Arizona State University, United States

I wanted to say thank you for the fun of your SIPS meeting, and for the video recording of the banquet night. All around it was a pretty enjoyable meeting though different from most of the meetings that I have been going to

sips2023/img3/thumbs_4584.jpg Dr. Michel Armand
CIC Energigune, France

A perfect conference, with at least three symposia which I could attend, two partially. A very fulfilling week, in first class hotel accommodation/food.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_5160.jpg Dr. Alex Campos
DSc. Student
Federal University of Ouro Preto, Brazil

Was a great experience to be able to network, see what is new in the industry.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_5227.jpg Dr. George Hadjipanayis
Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Delaware, United States

I enjoyed the conference event. I liked most of the plenary talks, they were very informative. I had the opportunity to interact with some of the other speakers in the Kobe symposium and got some ideas/advice.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_4916.png Dr. Shigeru Hirano
Medical Doctor, Professor
Kyoto Prefectural U. of Medicine, Japan

This is very instructive and informative summit! Thank you.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_3533.jpg Dr. Tsuyoshi Hoshino
National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology (QST), Japan

Excellent event

sips2023/img3/thumbs_4778.jpg Dr. Takahiko Iriyama
Corporate R&D Center, Daido Steel Co., Ltd., Japan

I think the SIPS is very great conference to have many chances to communicate with wide ranges of persons.

no_photo Dr. Hiroshi Iwai
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

This was the first time for me to attend SIPS. I enjoyed the excellent location for the venue and was impressed by the warm hospitality.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_4415.png Dr. Yoshio Kobayashi
Ibaraki University, Japan

I enjoyed the conference. Thank you very much for your arrangement.

no_photo Dr. Guangsheng Liu
BGRIMM Technology Group, China

Very good conference. Hope to see you next time.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_5128.png Dr. Anna Milewska
AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland

Very interesting conference, wide thematic scope, high-level presentations, beautiful place

sips2023/img3/thumbs_2720.jpg Dr. Donna Nelson
University of Oklahoma USA, United States

Your events are always excellent

sips2023/img3/thumbs_5085.png Dr. Oleg Ostrovski
U. of New South Wales, Australia

Excellent organisation of the Summit.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_257.jpg Dr. Snezana Papovic
Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad,

It was great experience and great honor and pleasure to attend such a congress

sips2023/img3/thumbs_4633.png Dr. Ludwig Schultz
Prof. Dr.
TU Dresden, Germany

Very interesting symposia, good chance to meet old friends as well as famous celebrities.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_5194.jpg Dr. Claudio Tamagnini
University of Perugia, Italy

Excellent organization, very high scientific level of the events attended.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_4875.jpg Dr. Danai Tsakiri
PhD student
National Technical University of Athens, Greece

It was a very interesting summit with a great variety of subjects and very distinguished people to discuss with.

no_photo Eng. Alexandra-Georgiana Vatui
Scientific Researcher
National Research- Development Institute for Nonferrous and Rare Metals- IMNR Bucharest, Romania, Romania

It was a pleasure and an honor to participate at this event!

sips2023/img3/thumbs_594.jpg Dr. Constantinos Vayenas
University of Patras, Greece

Overall I was very happy with the organization and quality of SIPS2019. The quality of the conferences I could attend was excellent. The organizers should be commended for their nice work.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_5319.jpg Dr. Pratheeba Vimalnath
Cambridge University, United Kingdom

Overall a wonderful event!

no_photo Eng. Yutaka Yoshida
Daido Steel (America) Inc., Canada

Very satisfied overall.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_4563.jpg Dr. Dimitrios Zagoraios
PhD Candidate
University of Patras, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Greece

It was a great opportunity to meet Nobelists and attend their presentations

sips2023/img3/thumbs_1928.jpg Dr. Yunfeng Zhu
Nanjing Tech University, China

Excellent event


sips2023/img3/thumbs_4165.jpg Mr. Paulo Afonso Gomes
Engineer (former CEO)
FLOGEN Technologies Inc., Brazil

SIPS2018 could not be better. The Nobel Laureates, professionals, it is all great.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_4346.jpg Sir Dr. Andre Geim
2010 Nobel Laureate, Professor
University of Manchester, United Kingdom

It is a pleasure to be here. SIPS is very important in respect to science and scientists, and is a good reminder of them being what keeps us going on.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_4349.png Dr. Alp Malazgirt
YILMADEN Corporation, Turkey

My impression is just excellent. I think what you and your staff have accomplished gathering.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_2720.jpg Dr. Donna Nelson
University of Oklahoma USA, United States

First, the conference is absolutely fabulous and successful. I think one of the things that people enjoy the most is the ability to interact with each other and learn from each other.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_3440.jpg Dr. Alexander Oleinick
CNRS, France

SIPS2018 is an extremely unique conference, because it allows business and academia to mingle, which is really outstanding.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_5670.jpg Dr. Joao Ricardo Ribas
Medical Doctor and Politician
Hospital Miguel Couto, Brazil

It was a great night. There were numerous great presentations, and I am overall very happy.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_3577.jpg Dr. Florian Spieckermann
University of Leoben, Austria

SIPS2018 is a very inspiring meeting

sips2023/img3/thumbs_4345.jpg Sir Dr. Fraser Stoddart
2016 Nobel Laureate, Professor
Northwestern University, United States

I am very impressed by SIPS2018. It is a unique conference, with a lot of attention given to sustainability and the future of the planet.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_4142.png Dr. Alain Tressaud
ICMCB-CNRS, University Bordeaux, France

This is the first time I have attended your summit. It is something really exceptional because it focuses on important topics such as sustainability.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_4348.jpg Dr. Kurt Wuthrich
2002 Nobel Laureate, Professor
ETH Zurich Switzerland and Scripps Research, USA, Switzerland

I want to thank you for inviting me to this event which got me in contact with a new group of people; not only engineers but also scientists. I was impressed by the high quality of talks given.


sips2023/img3/thumbs_3057.jpg Dr. Nikolai Boshkov
Institute of Physical Chemistry, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria

I would like once again to express my satisfaction from my participation at SIPS 2017 which was very impressive for me. My overall evaluation for SIPS 2017 as well as in the areas of interest for me is excellent.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_1276.jpg Dr. Isabelle Braems
IMN-CNRS, France

Thanks again for the organization of the symposium. We had nice reviews from the speakers.

no_photo Eng. Jinyoung Chun
Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering & Technology (KICET),

2017 SIPS was a very nice conference to me. Most of the presentations were invited talks, so the quality of presentations was very good. Moreover, it gave me the valuable opportunity to network with other researchers.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_Array.jpg Eng. Ashish Dawari
Bharat Forge Limited, Kalyni centre for technology & innovation, India

It was a nice experience, and very helpful to interact with researchers from all over the world.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_3088.jpg Eng. Juma Haydary
Institute of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Slovak University of Technology,

I would like to express my thanks for perfect organization of SIPS conference and hospitality in Cancun.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_335.jpg Dr. Pavel Kozlov
UMMC-Holding, Russian Federation

Thank you for the great summit.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_408.jpg Eng. Libor Kraus
COMTES FHT Inc., Czech Republic

Very good symposium.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_2790.jpg Dr. Athanasios G. Mamalis
Demokritos National Center for Scientific Research, Greece

I would like to express my sincere thanks for your outstanding event in Cancun and your excellent hospitality. This event was organized at a high level, both from scientific, mainly, as well as from cultural activities point of view. I look forward to your next event in Rio de Janeiro in 2018.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_3627.jpg Dr. Fernand D. S. Marquis
United Nano technologies (UNT) & Integrated Materials Technologies and Systems (IMTS), United States

I think SIPS 2017 was a great success in all appertaining domains and I would very much like to take this opportunity to thank you and your entire Team for the great job well done.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_3128.jpg Eng. Yoshitaka Matsukawa
Tohoku University, Japan

The SIPS2017 was a great conference to me. I could obtain lots of inspiration through communication with scientists involved in different fields from my field.

no_photo Eng. Kunichi Miyazawa
Tokyo University of Science, Japan

Thank you very much for your invitation to the SIPS 2017 conference. I enjoyed various talks and foods in the hotel.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_2720.jpg Dr. Donna Nelson
University of Oklahoma USA, United States

Thanks for the terrific meeting.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_2831.jpg Dr. Krishna Parameswaran
tfgMM Strategic Consulting, United States

A very informative conference.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_3013.jpg Eng. Kamlesh Phapale
Bharat Forge Ltd., India

Good arrangement, also we will plan to join SIPS 2018.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_3277.jpg Dr. Dean Vucinic
Prof. Dr.
Vesalius College, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium

The conference was indeed, very perfect. I have been very honoured and pleased with all that did happen at SIPS. Thank you once more for all your organization, and I look forward to the next SIPS.

no_photo Eng. Tetsuya Yamada
Center for Energy & Environmental Science, Shinshu University, Japan

I had an effective time in Cancun because of the nice talks and the new knowledge acquired during the conference.


sips2023/img3/thumbs_2328.png Dr. Anil A. Bhalekar
Department of Chemistry, R. T. M. Nagpur University, India

Congratulations on staging SIPS 2016 with a grand success in Sanya. I hope you will continue such activities in future too.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_2199.jpg Dr. Michael Coey
School of Physics, Ireland

Thanks for an interesting meeting in Hainan!

sips2023/img3/thumbs_347.png Dr. Jose Carlos D'Abreu
PUC-Rio, Brazil

SIPS2016 was really a great success and a very happy experience for me! Congratulations to you and FLOGEN personnel who brought together so many specialists that gave me the opportunity to meet old friends and to make new ones!... Again, thank you so much for the Symposium in my honor and the opportunity to know the beautiful Sanya.

no_photo Eng. Pei Dejian
University of Science and Technology Beijing, China

Congratulations for the successful meeting. My teacher Yu Li attended the meeting and shared with me its wonderful content!

sips2023/img3/thumbs_2023.png Eng. Xuefeng (John) Dong
University of New South Wales, Australia

I very much enjoyed the symposium and was impressed by Dr.Kongoli and his team members passion and efforts

sips2023/img3/thumbs_416.png Dr. Jean-Marie Dubois
Institut Jean Lamour, France

Once more, the Dubois Symposium at SIPS 2016 was a great success, from both human and scientific points of view.

no_photo Dr. Stein E. Johansen
Norwegian University of Science and Technology / Institute of Basic Research, USA, Norway

Thank you for a highly inspiring and well organized conference

sips2023/img3/thumbs_835.png Dr. Harald Arnljot Oye
NTNU, Norway

Thank you again for the invitation to Sustainable Industrial Processing Summit 2016. I enjoyed it very much.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_1917.jpg Dr. Koji Saito
Head of R&D
Nippon Steel, Japan

It was really nice talking with you in your wonderful conference. I enjoyed my stay.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_1774.jpg Sir Dr. Ruggero Maria Santilli
Chief Scientist
Hadronic Technologies Corporation, United States

Thank you for a magnificent well organized and successful summit!

sips2023/img3/thumbs_918.jpg Dr. Tateo Usui
Emeritus Professor
Osaka University, Japan

Congratulations on your very nice "2016 Sustainable Industrial Processing Summit." It was a Great Success!

sips2023/img3/thumbs_2623.jpg Dr. Thomas Vougiouklis
Emeritus Professor
Democritus University of Thrace, Greece

I and my daughter really enjoyed the event and we are looking forward to seeing you again.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_1932.png Dr. Jun-Ichiro Yagi
Tohoku University, Japan

Thank you very much for your kind consideration to have held my symposium in SIPS2016, I had a good time with you and my friends, coworkers and students at the symposium.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_1474.jpg Dr. Michael J. Zehetbauer
University of Vienna, Austria

The symposium was superb and we enjoyed it very much both from the scientific and human point of view!


sips2023/img3/thumbs_1503.jpeg Eng. Hesham Ahmed
Lulea University of Technology, Sweden

The event was good in general and well organized!

sips2023/img3/thumbs_1730.jpeg Dr. Clinton Aigbavboa
University of Johannesburg, South Africa

I like the conference organization and the flexibility of paper submissions

sips2023/img3/thumbs_224.jpeg Dr. Zehra Akdeniz
Piri Reis University, Turkey

SIPS2015 was a great meeting and I enjoyed the talks and the activities after sessions. Thank you so much for organising such a successful SIPS2015 in Turkey.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_50.jpeg Dr. Christopher Anderson
Massey University, New Zealand

Another excellent event. Organisation was excellent, professional and efficient.

no_photo Eng. Mariana Rezende Barros
Universidade Federal de Goias, Brazil

I would like to thank the opportunity to attend such an important event in my area and be able to present my work. Everything was very good, great experience. I hope to attend the next FLOGEN SIPS.

no_photo Eng. Petr Bibora
Vyzkumny Ustav Stavebnich Hmot,a.s., Czech Republic

Well organized and interesting conference, thanks to the organizers.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_1466.jpg Dr. Mariana Calin
IFW Dresden, Germany

Great, high-level conference. Thank you very much to the organizers.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_551.jpg Dr. Claudio Capiglia
Senior Vice President
Reliance Industries Limited, India

Excellent organization .. I think it was very good to have round table discussions in order to actively involve all participants

no_photo Eng. Rene Cechmanek
Vyzkumny Ustav Stavebnich Hmot, Czech Republic

The event was a good opportunity to meet experts from various branches and get know new achievements in research and application.

no_photo Dr. Amit Chattopadhyay
Aston University, United Kingdom

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the organisers on a most enjoyable and informative SIPS2015 conference. It was a pleasure to be a part of the scientific crowd in Turkey.

no_photo Dr. Leila Cherif
University of Tlemcen, Algeria

Thank you very much and sincere congratulations on this successful summit, which left in me a very favorable impression about SIPS 2015 and Antalya.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_347.png Dr. Jose Carlos D'Abreu
PUC-Rio, Brazil

In general SIPS 2015 was an excellent event!

sips2023/img3/thumbs_1222.jpg Dr. George Efremidis
University of Thessaly, Greece

A wonderful scientific environment.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_1641.jpeg Dr. Akbar Farzanegan
UBC-Mining, Canada

I would like to thank all people involved in organizing such a large and prestigious symposium in which experts from various disciplines could gather and exchange their latest information for future co-operations. Good luck with the next summit SIPS2016.

no_photo Dr. Chenlong Gao
University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

Very useful conference!

sips2023/img3/thumbs_899.jpg Dr. Mery-Cecilia Gomez Marroquin
National University of Engineering, Peru

I had an unforgettable stay in Antalya, Turkey. I only have words of praise for the committee organizing the event SIPS 2015

sips2023/img3/thumbs_1172.png Dr. Xiong He
University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

Good conference, good place.

no_photo Eng. Christopher Holding
Metallic Media Limited, United Kingdom

Thank you for an excellent event.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_1477.jpeg Dr. Elena Kuzmina
Ufa Institute of Chemistry; Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Federation

Everything was excellent!

no_photo Dr. Svetlana Leiman
VNIItsvetmet, Kazakhstan

Thank you for organization of such great event! I would love to participate next year.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_596.jpg Dr. Fernard Marquis
Naval Postgraduate School, United States

This was a well designed and executed event, and the organized are to be congratulated.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_279.jpg Dr. Manfred Mauntz
cmc Instruments GmbH, Germany


sips2023/img3/thumbs_1658.jpg Dr. Brajendra Mishra
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, United States

One of the most well organized meetings I have attended

no_photo Dr. Thomas Niehoff
Linde AG, Germany

SIPS 2015 was very well organized

sips2023/img3/thumbs_660.jpg Dr. Roman Nowak
Nordic Hysitron Laboratory, Aalto University, Finland

I am really grateful for the opportunity of presenting my topic as a plenary in a particular symposium.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_962.jpeg Dr. Piotr Palimaka
AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland

For me it was my first big international conference. For my colleague it was their twentieth. After the conference my colleague said "I have never been on such a good conference."

sips2023/img3/thumbs_831.jpeg Dr. Chong-Lyuck Park

Perfect hotel and good presentation. I am so happy to be able to attend the SIPS 2015 symposium

sips2023/img3/thumbs_1644.jpeg Dr. Jun-Yong Park
Yonsei University,

It was really great and gave lots of good chances to share knowledge

sips2023/img3/thumbs_965.jpeg Dr. Stanislaw Pietrzyk
AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland

Very well organised conference, good place (Belek Cornelia resort), fantastic hospitality of staff

no_photo Dr. Ana-Maria Julieta Popescu
Ilie Murgulescu Institute of Physical Chemistry, Laboratory of Molten Salts, Romania

I consider this a very good conference with good opportunities to meet other specialists and to make good connections. I hope to have the opportunity to participate in other FLOGEN Symposiums

sips2023/img3/thumbs_1829.png Hon. Sir John Prescott
Lord, Member
House of Lords, United Kingdom

I am frightfully honored by this Award. It will make me think always about scientists and engineers

sips2023/img3/thumbs_927.jpeg Dr. Julien Rethore
CNRS Lyon, France

My best conference this year!

sips2023/img3/thumbs_36.jpeg Dr. Musa Rizaj
Prishtina University, Kosovo

SIPS2015 was perfectly organized!

sips2023/img3/thumbs_1774.jpg Sir Dr. Ruggero Maria Santilli
Chief Scientist
Hadronic Technologies Corporation, United States

Excellent experience overall. All staff were great and enthusiastic and the location was spectacular and we all felt very welcome. The participants also were engaged and interested in cross information . Appreciated the enormous amount of work.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_421.jpeg Dr. Peipei Shi
UBC-Mining, Canada

I think the idea that scientists should enjoy their research and be acknowledged like a star is great

sips2023/img3/thumbs_563.jpg Dr. Viktor Shumskiy
VNIItsvetmet, Kazakhstan

Thank you for perfect organization!

sips2023/img3/thumbs_1792.jpeg Dr. Konstantinos Spiliotis
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Thanks for your spirit and your professionalism in SIPS2015

no_photo Eng. Raphael Silva Tomaz
Universidade Federal de Goias, Brazil

Excelent event!!

sips2023/img3/thumbs_1170.jpg Dr. Christine Wenzl
RHI AG, Austria

Very interesting topics and papers - excellent technical program. Round tables were a great idea! Excellent opportunity for experience exchange and networking.

no_photo Eng. Jing Xudong
JCC Lead&Zinc Metals Co.,Ltd, China

This is the first time I have attended the meeting. Thanks to the staff for their hard work. We hope for an even better SIPS2016!


sips2023/img3/thumbs_773.png Hon. Pierre Arcand
Energy & Natural Resources & Northern Mining Plan, Canada

Dr. Kongoli and his colleagues have a very distinguished and important event, that I am happy and grateful to be a part of.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_739.jpg Mr. Oscar Gonzalez Rocha
Southern Copper Corporation, Peru

I applaud SIPS for the invitation to the event, but also for the recognition that it brings.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_782.jpg Hon. Tarja Halonen
11th President of Finland, Finland

This conference is useful and very enjoyable.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_1781.png Dr. John Meech
UBC-Mining, Canada

I applaud FLOGEN and SIPS for promoting the contribution that scientists are making around the world.


sips2023/img3/thumbs_5694.png Dr. Hans-Peter Behrendt
Managing Director
Berzelius Metall, Germany

Berzelius is very honored to receive this award as a recognition of its work based on sustainability principles.

sips2023/img3/thumbs_5695.jpg Mr. Juan Rafael Elvira Quesara
Environment and National Resources, Mexico

I am extremely honored to receive this award. I am glad that my work in the environmental aspects of natural resources is acknowledged this way