Volume 5: Marquis Intl. Symp. / New and Advanced Materials and Technologies

Editors:F. Kongoli, F. Marquis, N. Chikhradze
Publisher:Flogen Star OUTREACH
Publication Year:2017
Pages: 590 pages
Summit Plenaries
  • Science and Technology – The Grand Disruptors and Solution Providers, sips17_46_370FS, Florian Kongoli
  • Science and Beauty of Crystals, sips17_46_366, Dan Shechtman
  • Good and Bad Bacteria - Science/Human Synergies, sips17_46_365, Ada Yonath
  • The discovery and role of nitric oxide and cyclic GMP in biological signaling, sips17_46_367, Ferid Murad
  • Creative Approaches to Chemical Sustainability, sips17_46_364, Donna J. Nelson
  • YILDIRIM Group: A Diversified Multinational Conglomerate That Simultaneously Achieves Growth, Social Development And Environmental Protection, sips17_46_357, Robert Yuksel Yildirim
  • The European Environmental Policies: A Vector Aiming to Sustainability, sips17_46_354, Patricio Barrios
  • Oxidative Stress: from Life Sustainability to Life Unsustainability: from Blood Regulation in Brain to Alzheimer Disease, sips17_42_300FS, Christian Amatore
  • Interfaces: small Features for big Achievements in Sustainable Materials, sips17_46_294, Dominique Chatain
  • High Efficiency of Renewable Energy Sources Through SPD Processing Of Bulk Nanostructured Solids, sips17_46_348, Michael Zehetbauer
  • Evaluation of Subvention Schemes for Lignite Electricity Plants in the Aftermath of the Paris Agreement - 2015, sips17_46_358, Tamer Turna
  • Perspectives on the Role of New and Advanced Materials and Technologies for Energy, Environment and Sustainability, sips17_46_42, Fernand Marquis
  • Electricity Production Choices and Consequences, sips17_46_359, Harold Dodds
  • Leather and Lace: Adventures of a Female Academic in Entrepreneur-land, sips17_46_369, Janna Maranas
  • Interface engineering for next generation rechargeable batteries: An Overview and Perspectives, sips17_46_373, Katerina Aifantis
  • The Development and Business Value of Modern Process Mineralogy, sips17_5_325FS, Norman O. Lotter
  • Human Heart Beat Simulation Based on Fluid-Structure Interaction, sips17_38_346, Dean Vucinic

Marquis International Symposium
  • Editor Foreword : Marquis International Symposium on New and Advanced Materials and Technologies for Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development
  • Nanomedicine Targeting Atherosclerosis(Plenary), sips17_43_171
    Karagkiozaki, Varvara;
  • A Pyrometallurgical Process to Recover the Zinc and Manganese from Spent Batteries, sips17_43_68
    Ebin, Burcak; Petranikova, Martina; Steenari, Britt Marie; Ekberg, Christian;
  • Low Temperature Technology Receiving Nano Scale Metal Oxides, sips17_43_64
    Kushitashvili, Zurab; Bibilashvili, Amiran;
  • Direct Laser Cladding an Emerging Technique for Development of Component, sips17_43_282
    Dutta Majumdar, Jyotsna;
  • Ultrafast Laser Surface Nanostructuring: Surface Topography, Texture Formation Mechanisms, Surface Properties and Engineering Applications(Keynote), sips17_43_104
    Oliveira, Vitor; Vilar, Rui;
  • Effect of Crystal Structure in Manganese Dioxide for Water Purification, sips17_43_291
    Koyanaka, Hideki;
  • Non-Pt Based Nanoparticles as Low Cost, Highly Efficient and Robust Catalysts Alternative to Pt in Fuel Cell Applications, sips17_43_292
    Chirambatte Peter, Sebastian;
  • BH3CN Anion-based Hypergolic Hydrophobic Ionic Liquids, sips17_43_306
    Bhosale, Vikas K;
  • Laser Assisted Surface Engineering for Enhanced Wear, Corrosion and Oxidation Resistance in Metallic Alloys(Invited), sips17_43_283
    Manna, Indranil;
  • Current Progress in Computer Simulation of Dislocation Plasticity in Uranium Dioxide(Invited), sips17_43_250
    Lunev, Artem; Starikov, Sergei; Kuksin, Alexei; Tseplyaev, Vasily;
  • Carbon Electronics for the 21st Century(Plenary), sips17_43_204
    Silva, S. Ravi P.;
  • Domain Walls as Nanoscale Functional Elements(Keynote), sips17_43_170
    Seidel, Jan;
  • Effect of Heat Treatment Paths on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of High Cr Containing Ultrahigh Strength Steels, sips17_43_112
    Park, G.bae; Kwon, Yunik; Kwon, K.h.; Kim, Nack;
  • Advanced Methods and Their Integration in Superior Biofuel Production(Keynote), sips17_43_147FS
    Kocsis, Tunde; Szilagyi, Maria; Kotai, Laszlo;
  • High Specific Strength Alloys for Sustainable Society(Keynote), sips17_43_107
    Kim, Nack;
  • Development of Precipitation Hardened Austenitic High Mn Steels for Automotive Applications, sips17_43_109
    Kwon, Yunik; Kim, Nack;
  • Effect of Deformation Twins on Recrystallization Behavior of Magnesium Alloy Sheets, sips17_43_110
    Kim, Jae H.; Suh, Byeong Chan; Hwang, Ji Hyun; Shim, Myeong Shik; Kim, Nack;
  • Shock-assisted Liquid-phase Consolidation of SHS-processed Ta-Al Based Composites, sips17_43_176
    Peikrishvili, Akaki; Keckes, Laszlo; Tavadze, George; Godibadze, Bagrat;
  • Sustainable Development of Advanced Composite Materials for Infrastructure Rehabilitation(Keynote), sips17_43_126FS
    Kim, Yail Jimmy;
  • Bioactive Amorphous Metal Oxide Nanocoatings(Keynote), sips17_43_169
    Rodil, Sandra E.; Silva-bermudez, Phaedra; Almaguer-flores, Argelia; Olivares-navarrete, Rene;
  • Two Stage Pyrolysis/gasification of Solid Waste for Tar Free High Hydrogen Content Syngas Production(Invited), sips17_43_275FS
    Haydary, Juma; Šuhaj, Patrik;
  • The Properties and Microstructure Evolution of Cast Austenite Stainless Steel Under Thermal Aging(Invited), sips17_43_142FS
    Xue, Fei; Jin, Xiao; Liu, Xiangbing; Wang, Xitao;
  • Bioinspired Micromanipulation Design Based on Gecko Self-cleaning(Keynote), sips17_43_214
    Wan, Yiyang; Xia, Zhenhai;
  • Potential of Smart Coating for Advanced Energy Systems(Keynote), sips17_43_228
    Chikada, Takumi;
  • Research and Development of Continuous Casting Process of Ni-based Corrosion Resistant Alloy with Compound Electromagnetic Fields(Invited), sips17_43_293
    Wang, Engang;
  • Process of Chemical Stabilization and Mechanical Improvement of Slag Through CO2 Capture, sips17_43_115
    Souza, Erivelto; Reis, Orimar; Coelho, Higor; Duarte, Leandro; Oliveira, Tales; Pereira, Denise; Sousa, Walinton; Lourenco, Reimar;
  • Characterization of Inhomogeneous Microstructure of Ultrafine Grained Magnesium(Keynote), sips17_43_154FS
    Li, Qizhen; Jiao, Xing;
  • Interfaces in Nanomaterials(Keynote), sips17_43_372
    Aifantis, Katerina;
  • High-resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy Characterization of Hexagonal C60 Fullerene Nanowhiskers, sips17_43_174FS
    Miyazawa, Kunichi; Tanaka, Yumi; Nemoto, Yoshihiro; Wakahara, Takatsugu; Toshio, Konno;
  • Isolation and Functionalization of Nanocellulose from Lignocellulosic Fibres for Environmental Remediation and Sensor Applications(Keynote), sips17_43_151
    Chia, Chin Hua;
  • Synthetic Bone Biomaterial: Physicochemical and Biological Investigations, sips17_43_190
    Oudadesse, Hassane; Mosbahi, S; Jebahi, S; Lucas-girot, A.; Elfeki, H.; Elfeki, A.; Cathelineau, G.;
  • Adsorption of SO2 on the TiO2 Rutile (110) Surface from First Principles(Keynote), sips17_43_205FS
    Kluener, Thorsten; Teusch, Thomas;
  • Hybrid Bio-composite Glass-chitosan Used for Applications in Biomedical Field, sips17_43_191
    Oudadesse, Hassane; Mosbahi, S; Jebahi, S; Elfeki, H.; Elfeki, A.; Keskes, H.;
  • Development of Primary Coolant Piping for AP1000 Pressurized Water Reactor(Keynote), sips17_43_127
    Wang, Xitao; Xue, Fei;
  • Advances in Hybrid Characterization of Nanoscaled Energy Materials and Printed Electronics(Keynote), sips17_43_185
    Castro, Fernando;
  • Advantages, Challenges and Opportunities of Wind Power Systems, sips17_43_82
    Marquis, Fernand; Chikhradze, Nikoloz; Mamalis, A.g.;
  • HRTEM Characterization of Platinum Nanoparticles Deposited on Various Novel Nanocarbons Using Coaxial Arc Plasma Deposition and Nanocarbon Supports, sips17_43_160FS
    Miyazawa, Kunichi; Yoshitake, Masaru; Tanaka, Yumi;
  • Radiation Hardening of Molybdenum by Argon Ion Implantation(Invited), sips17_43_138FS
    Guldamashvili, Anzor; Nardaya, Yuri; Nebieridze, Tsira; Sanaia, Ekaterine; Sichinava, Avtandil; Kadaria, Marina;
  • Electron/Hole Transformation between two Atomic Layers(Keynote), sips17_43_195
    Zheng, Junrong;
  • Progress in Green Energies, Sustainable Development, and the Environment(Invited), sips17_43_242FS
    Omer, Abdeen;
  • Production and Characterization of TiO2 Coatings for Hemocompatible and Photocatalytic Applications(Plenary), sips17_43_233
    Schvezov, Carlos Enrique;
  • Development of New Superionic Conductor Narpsio Glass-ceramics(Keynote), sips17_43_245
    Okura, Toshinori;
  • Nano-structured Chalcogenide Materials for Economic and Efficient Solar Energy Converters, sips17_43_34FS
    Vorobiov, Yurii; Chavez-urbiola, Iker Rodrigo; Ramirez-bon, Rafael; Vorobiev, Pavel; F. J. Willars-rodriguez, Francisco Javier; Horley, Paul;
  • Hazard of Uranium, Plutonium, and Curium Transfer in the Form of Volatile Oxides and Hydroxides in the Atmosphere(Invited), sips17_43_297FS
    Domanov, Vladimir;
  • Liquid Phase Shock Assisted Synthesis and Consolidation of Nanostructured W-Ag and Ta-Ag Composites, sips17_43_168
    Peikrishvili, Akaki; Godibadze, Bagrat; Mamniashvili, Grigor; Chagelishvili, Elguja;
  • Supercapacitors from Biomass-derived Activated Carbons(Keynote), sips17_43_319
    Yang, Fuqian;
  • Effect of Alloying Element on Deformation Behavior of Binary Magnesium Alloys, sips17_43_111
    Hwang, Ji Hyun; Suh, Byeong Chan; Kim, Jae H.; Shim, Myeong Shik; Lee, B. J.; Jung, Jaimyun; Kim, H. S.; Kim, Nack;
  • Use of Green Biosurfactants and Nanomaterials for Mining Residue and Effluent Remediation, sips17_43_150
    Mulligan, Catherine;
  • Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Biomass as Sustainable Pathways to Fuels and Chemicals(Keynote), sips17_43_336
    Rosendahl, Lasse; Pedersen, Thomas; Toor, Saqib;
  • FTIR Spectroscopy for Characterization of Surface Properties of Disperse Materials(Keynote), sips17_43_252FS
    Tsyganenko, Alexey;
  • Recent Progress on the Theory of Precipitation Hardening in Nuclear Materials Research(Keynote), sips17_43_262
    Matsukawa, Yoshitaka;
  • Sustainable Composite Structural Systems Incorporating Nature and Waste-based Materials(Keynote), sips17_43_216
    Ozbakkaloglu, Togay;
  • Electronic Structure and Energy Spectra of Relativistic Quantum Dots(Keynote), sips17_43_276
    Eliav, Ephraim;
  • Carbon Capture and Sequestration and the Future of Power: from Basic Research to Commercial Plants(Keynote), sips17_43_286FS
    Henni, Amr; Novikov, Roman; Pestov, Oleg;
  • Novel Two-dimensional Graphene-like Systems Based on Silicon Allotropes(Invited), sips17_43_284
    Sassa, Yasmine;
  • Processing of Hierarchically Porous Adsorbents for Decarbonization(Keynote), sips17_43_248
    Akhtar, Farid;
  • Microwave Damage and Processing of Cementitious and Geological Materials(Keynote), sips17_43_335
    Proud, William; Tear, Gareth;
  • Dynamic Impact Factor During Test of Cylindrical Shape Sample Under Shock Load, sips17_43_66FS
    Japaridze, Levan; Chikhradze, Nikoloz; Marquis, Fernand;
  • Mesoporous Silica Impregnated With Acetate-based Ionic Liquids for CO2 Capture, sips17_43_287FS
    Henni, Amr; Ibrahim, Hussameldin; Mohamedali, Mohanned;
  • New Technology for the Integrated Treatment of Industrial and Landfills Waste Water Using Iron and Aluminum Oxides Nanopowders(Invited), sips17_43_324FS
    Monastyrov, Mykola; Prikhna, Tetiana; Kochetov, Gennadiy; Talanchuk, Petro; Halbedel, Bernd; Vasiliev, Aleksey; Eisterer, Michael; Marquis, Fernand;
  • The Main Stages of Development of Thermoelectricity in Ilia Vekua Sukhumi Institute of Physics and Technology(Keynote), sips17_43_148FS
    Bokuchava, Guram; Marquis, Fernand; Shirokov, Boris; Barbakadze, Karlo; Darsavelidze, Giorgi;
  • Lightweight Ti,Nb–Al–C MAX Phases-based Materials: Preparation, Structure, and Properties(Invited), sips17_43_323FS
    Prikhna, Tetiana; Sverdun, Vladimir; Ostash, Orest; Ivasyshyn, Andriy; Karpets, Myroslav; Cabioc'h, Thierry; Jaworska, Lucyna; Chartier, Patrick; Moshchil, Viktor; Cyboroń, Jolanta; Zimych, Tetiana; Starostina, Alexandra; Marquis, Fernand; Kalinka, Andrzej; Kalinka, Andrzej; Dub, Sergey; Kostornov, Anatoliy;
  • FTIR Spectroscopy of Strongly Absorbing Molecules Adsorbed on Highly Scattering Disperse Materials, sips17_43_379
    Tsyganenko, Alexey; Novikov, Roman; Pestsov, Oleg;
  • Manganese Oxide Nanomaterials for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction in Alkaline Electrolyte(Keynote), sips17_43_351
    Lambert, Timothy;
  • Trends and Developments in Advanced Manufacturing from Macro- to Nanoscale(Keynote), sips17_43_133FS
    Mamalis, A.g.;
  • Lightweight Ceramics Based on Aluminum Dodecaboride (AlB12) (Invited), sips17_43_322
    Prikhna, Tetiana; Barvitskiy, Pavlo; Dub, Sergey; Domnich, Vladislav; Karpets, Myroslav;
  • Preparation of Multilayered Composites by Hot Explosive Welding Techniques, sips17_43_83FS
    Tomoshige, Ryuichi; Ii, Seiichiro; Morizono, Yasuhiro;
  • Multicharged Ion Sources for Implantation and Deposition(Keynote), sips17_43_106
    Elsayed-ali, Hani;
  • Cavitation – a Cleaner, Greener, Energy-efficient and Sustainable Processing Technique for Nanomaterials of Wider Technological Applications(Keynote), sips17_43_225
    Manickam, Sivakumar;
  • II-VI Semiconductor Thin Films CdZnTe Ternary Compound for Energy Applications(Invited), sips17_43_217
    Abbas Shah, Nazar;
  • Biological Stick-slip Mechanisms: What Impact Does This Have on Materials Mechanics and Biomimetic Design?(Keynote), sips17_43_227FS
    Alam, Parvez; Alam, Lilja;
  • An Insight into the Driving Force of the σ Bond Cleavage on the Ge=O Bond of Germanone by the Combination of the Quantum Mechanical and Molecular Dynamics Methods, sips17_43_222FS
    Matsubara, Toshiaki;
  • Experimental Investigations on Electron Beam Welding of SAE 15B41H Steel(Invited), sips17_43_211FS
    Thakare, Sandeep; Bhavar, Valmik; Kattire, Prakash; Patil, Sachin; Pawar, Vinayak;
  • Predicting Glass-forming Ability in Bulk Metallic Alloys, sips17_43_219
    Sidorov, Valeriy;
  • Laser Processing of Thin Film Materials: a Versatile Tool for Controlling Materials' Characteristics.(Keynote), sips17_43_356
    Koutsogeorgis, Demosthenes;
  • Fiber Reinforced Composites on the Base of Epoxy-polysulfide Matrix for Wind Energy Systems, sips17_43_58FS
    Chikhradze, Nikoloz; Marquis, Fernand; Abashidze, Guram;
  • Multifunctional Chromogenic Sensors Enabled by Novel Multi-stimuli-responsive Shape Memory Polymers(Keynote), sips17_43_199
    Jiang, Peng;
  • Biohydrogen Production from Wastes is Advanced Technology for Energy Economy, sips17_43_220
    Trchounian, Armen;
  • Synthesis and Mechanical Alloying of Ti-Al-B-C Powders, sips17_43_74FS
    Chikhradze, Mikheil; Marquis, Fernand; Chikhradze, Nikoloz;
  • Layer-by-layer Assembled Nanocomposite Films for Energy Systems(Keynote), sips17_43_77FS
    Soler, Maria A. G.;
  • Meso-scale Time-resolved Sensing of Shock-compression Effects in Heterogeneous Materials, sips17_43_32
    Thadhani, Naresh;
  • Controlled Synthesis of Nanomaterials from Atomically Precise Metal Clusters Unique Species to Complex Metal Oxide Systems for Catalysis and Sensing(Keynote), sips17_43_374
    Golovko, Vladimir;
  • The State-of-the-art Long Distance Gas Pipeline in China(Keynote), sips17_43_196
    Shang, Chengjia;
  • Biodesulfurization of Coal - an Eco-friendly Approach(Keynote), sips17_43_208
    Ghauri, Muhammad; Akhtar, Nasrin; Akhtar, Kalsoom;
  • Investigation of Ultrasonic Solvent Extracts for the Separation of Neutral Lipids from Microalgae Biomass for Biodiesel Potential, sips17_43_223
    Sarpal, Amrajit Singh;
  • Towards the Development of a Reactive Filter from Green Resource for Groundwater Defluoridation, sips17_43_234
    Helmreich, Brigitte; Oladoja, Nurudeen Abiola; Bello, Hakeem;
  • Can Small Molecules Realize Big Dreams in Solar Energy Conversion for Sustainable Environment?(Keynote), sips17_43_243
    Malapaka, Chandrasekharam;
  • Shock-wave Induced Synthesis of Graphene Sheets(Keynote), sips17_43_327
    Chen, Pengwan;
  • Ice-templated Ceramics and Composites: Understanding Structure-property Relationships in the Quasistatic and Dynamic Regimes of Compressive Loading, sips17_43_244FS
    Ghosh, Dipankar; Banda, Mahesh; Kang, Hyungsuk; Akurati, Sashanka; Kamaha, Valere;
  • Modeling and Simulation for the Mechanical Properties of Carbon Nanotubes Under Various External Forces(Invited), sips17_43_278
    Talukdar, Keka;
  • Combustion Properties of N-Butanol, Methane and Their Mixtures in the Low Speed Two-stroke Internal Combustion Engine, sips17_43_255
    Yao, Li; Ding, Yang; Song, Liguo; Zhao, Rui; Xia, Wenwen; Liu, Yifan; Huang, Lianzhong;
  • Implantable Medical Devices: Technologies, Trends and Future Scope(Keynote), sips17_43_259
    Kakkar, Vipan;
  • PVD Deposition of Multilayered Nanocoatings with Potential Antimicrobial Behaviour, sips17_43_258
    Trajkovska Petkoska, Anka; Trajkovska Broach, Anita; Nasov, Ilija; Kanazawa, Toshiyuki;
  • Synthesis and Characterization of Copper Nanoparticle, Copper-urea Formaldehyde and Copper Oxide Urea Formaldehyde Nanocomposite, and Their Application for Adsorption of Heavy Metals from Waste Water, sips17_43_61FS
    Lanjewar, Mamata; Lanjewar, Ratnakar;
  • State-of-the-art Bioassays Applications to Monitor Advanced Oxidation Process Efficiency for Environmental Remediation, sips17_43_236
    Iqbal, Munawar;
  • Energy Efficient Nano-devices for the Better and Sustainable Society(Invited), sips17_43_247
    Kumar, Mahesh;
  • Study of Effective Atomic Numbers of Bioactive Glasses for Photon Interaction(Invited), sips17_43_277
    Malipatil, Anil Shantappa; Hanagodimath, S.m;
  • Some Important Factors in Porphyrin-based Dye-sensitized Solar Cells: an Empirical and Theoretical Study, sips17_43_295
    Safari, Nasser; Tahay, Pooya; Adineh, Maryam; Parsa, Zahra; Alavi, Ali; Wei-guangdiau, Eric;
  • Physically Fabricated Semiconductor Nanocrystals for Light Harvesting(Keynote), sips17_43_246
    Tan, Guolong; Xu, Qishu; Liu, Limin;
  • Synthesis and Characterization of Copper Nanoparticle, Copper-urea Formaldehyde, and Copper Oxide Urea Formaldehydenanocomposite and Their Application for Adsorption of Heavy Metals from Waste Water, sips17_43_280
    Lanjewar, Ratnakar;
  • Products of Activation of Hydrolytic Lignin: Prospects of Application(Poster), sips17_43_264FS
    Nikolenko, Yury; P. Opra, Denis; K. Tsvetnikov, Aleksander; A. Sokolov, Aleksander; Yu. Ustinov, Aleksander; M. Ziatdinov, Albert; L. Sinebryukhov, Sergey; G. Kuryavyi, Valery; V. Gnedenkov, Sergey;
  • A Two-stage Fluidized Bed Hydrogen Reduction Process for the Production of High-purity Ni Particles(Poster), sips17_43_113FS
    Park, Young Ok; Lee, Jae Rang; Hasolli, Naim; Jeon, Seong Min; Lee, Kang San; Kim, Kwang Deuk;
  • On the Mechanical Behavior of CGO-LSCF Coral Type Composite Coatings for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells(Poster), sips17_43_140
    Almeida, Amelia; Sar, Jaroslaw; Djurado, Elisabeth; Ghisleny, Rudy;
  • Semiconducting Polymers and Hybrids for OPVS and PLEDS: Scalability and Optoelectronic Properties Modulation(Poster), sips17_43_146
    Kallitsis, Joannis;
  • The Commercial Application of Nanogold Catalysts(Poster), sips17_43_218
    Qi, Caixia;
  • Fabrication of Low-cost Spargers and Bubble Column Characterization for Aqueous and Non-aqueous Solutions(Poster), sips17_43_237
    Mostajeran Goortani, Behnam; Khoshandam, Elham;
  • Plasmon Hybridization for Multiplex Nanosensing of Environmental Pollutants(Keynote), sips17_43_241
    Singh, Rina;
  • Magnesium (Mn3O4) Nanoparticles–chitosan Nanocomposite Based Urea Biosensor(Poster), sips17_43_249
    Ali, Akbar;
  • Synthesis and Multi-scale Characterization of Bio-adhesives from Bio-mass(Poster), sips17_43_251
    Fini, Ellie; Parast, Mahour;
  • On the Prediction of Mechanical Properties of Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Polymer(Poster), sips17_43_253
    Rafiee, Roham;
  • Applied R&D in the Field of Glass-fiber Reinforced Thermosetting-resin Pipes(Poster), sips17_43_254
    Rafiee, Roham;
  • Improving Sustainability of Adipic Acid Production(Poster), sips17_43_267
    Martins, Luisa;
  • A Theoretical Study of Copper Sulfide Nanoalloy Clusters: Density Functional Approach(Poster), sips17_43_290FS
    Chakraborty, Tanmoy;
  • Competitive Crystallization and Complex Phases in Amorphous Aluminum-rare-earth Alloys(Poster), sips17_43_308
    Napolitano, Ralph; Kramer, Matthew; Zhou, Lin;
  • Metal Clusters on Semiconductor Surfaces for Catalysis Applications(Poster), sips17_43_311
    Andersson, Gunther;
  • Next Generation Organic Blend Semiconductors for Transistor and Flexible Microelectronic Applications(Poster), sips17_43_89
    Anthopoulos, Thomas;