Volume 4: Lotter Intl. Symp. / Mineral Processing

Editors:F. Kongoli, D. Bradshaw, K. Waters, J. Starkey, A.C. Silva
Publisher:Flogen Star OUTREACH
Publication Year:2017
Pages: 226 pages
Summit Plenaries
  • Science and Technology – The Grand Disruptors and Solution Providers, sips17_46_370FS, Florian Kongoli
  • Science and Beauty of Crystals, sips17_46_366, Dan Shechtman
  • Good and Bad Bacteria - Science/Human Synergies, sips17_46_365, Ada Yonath
  • The discovery and role of nitric oxide and cyclic GMP in biological signaling, sips17_46_367, Ferid Murad
  • Creative Approaches to Chemical Sustainability, sips17_46_364, Donna J. Nelson
  • YILDIRIM Group: A Diversified Multinational Conglomerate That Simultaneously Achieves Growth, Social Development And Environmental Protection, sips17_46_357, Robert Yuksel Yildirim
  • The European Environmental Policies: A Vector Aiming to Sustainability, sips17_46_354, Patricio Barrios
  • Oxidative Stress: from Life Sustainability to Life Unsustainability: from Blood Regulation in Brain to Alzheimer Disease, sips17_42_300FS, Christian Amatore
  • Interfaces: small Features for big Achievements in Sustainable Materials, sips17_46_294, Dominique Chatain
  • High Efficiency of Renewable Energy Sources Through SPD Processing Of Bulk Nanostructured Solids, sips17_46_348, Michael Zehetbauer
  • Evaluation of Subvention Schemes for Lignite Electricity Plants in the Aftermath of the Paris Agreement - 2015, sips17_46_358, Tamer Turna
  • Perspectives on the Role of New and Advanced Materials and Technologies for Energy, Environment and Sustainability, sips17_46_42, Fernand Marquis
  • Electricity Production Choices and Consequences, sips17_46_359, Harold Dodds
  • Leather and Lace: Adventures of a Female Academic in Entrepreneur-land, sips17_46_369, Janna Maranas
  • Interface engineering for next generation rechargeable batteries: An Overview and Perspectives, sips17_46_373, Katerina Aifantis
  • The Development and Business Value of Modern Process Mineralogy, sips17_5_325FS, Norman O. Lotter
  • Human Heart Beat Simulation Based on Fluid-Structure Interaction, sips17_38_346, Dean Vucinic

Lotter International Symposium
  • Editor Foreword : Lotter International Symposium on Sustainable Mineral Processing
  • The Development and Business Value of Modern Process Mineralogy(Plenary), sips17_5_325FS
    Lotter, Norman;
  • Automated Mineralogy and Elemental Mapping Using µXRF Spatial Distribution of Au-Ag-bearing Minerals in Epithermal Deposits(Keynote), sips17_5_162
    Menzies, Andrew; Gosselin, Manon; Patzschke, Max; Gloy, Gertruida; Scheller, Samuel;
  • Automated Mineralogy: the Past, Present and Future(Invited), sips17_5_310FS
    Graham, Shaun;
  • Effect of Water Quality on Formation of Hydrogen Peroxide and its Behavior on Flotation, sips17_5_281FS
    Javadi, Alireza;
  • Comminution Circuit Design Using SAG Technology to Maximize Project Value(Plenary), sips17_5_337
    Starkey, John;
  • The Pre-concentration of the Nechalacho Deposit: Selective Comminution(Plenary), sips17_5_184FS
    Waters, Kristian; Marion, Christopher; Li, R.; Grammatikopoulos, T.;
  • Comparison of Flotation of Cu-Ni Sulfide Ores Containing Different Non-magnetic/magnetic Pyrrhotite Ratios, sips17_5_143FS
    Multani, Ravinder; Langlois, Raymond; Waters, Kristian;
  • The Application of Recent Advances in Automated Mineralogy to Address Problems in Mineral Processing Flowsheet Optimization(Invited), sips17_5_99
    Tordoff, Benjamin; Graham, Shaun;
  • A Future with Engineering Stone Made from Silica-rich Iron Ore Tailings from Vale(Keynote), sips17_5_100FS
    Scheepers, Emile; Salomao De Andrade, Alexandre; Gontijo De F., Carlos;
  • The Problem of Layer in the Tubes for the Vertical Transportation of Fly-ash in the Stanterg Mine, sips17_5_177
    Mustafa, Bajram; Kelmendi, Shyqri; Bajraktari, Bekim; Kelmendi, Faton;
  • Recovery Optimization in Mixed Gold Minerals at Cerro Corona Mine - Goldfields La Cima, sips17_5_155
    Araujo, Mireylly;
  • Experimental Study on Bond Properties between Hemp Fiber and Cement Mortar(Invited), sips17_5_271FS
    Ivanič, Andrej; Toplak, Sebastian; Lubej, Samo;
  • Development of Heap Leaching Technology for Oxide Copper Ores in Kazakhstan(Poster), sips17_5_128
    Reznichenko, Anna; Kushakova, Larissa;
  • Modeling of Filtration Process of Concentrates of Inorganic Compounds with the Formation of Compressible Sediments(Poster), sips17_5_132
    Asadov, Mirsalim; Qurbanzade, Tamila;
  • Analysis of the Sensitivity of the Geo-mechanical Stability of Slopes of the Surface Coal Mines Oslomej within the TPP “Oslomej” of the Main Influential Factors(Poster), sips17_5_141
    Huseini, Idaver;
  • Actual Status and Processing Prospects Technogenic Coal Deposits(Poster), sips17_5_161
    Rubinstein, Yuliy;
  • Industrial Impact Development for OptimOre, a Collaborative EU Project on Sustainable Supply of Raw Materials (Tungsten and Tantalum)(Poster), sips17_5_179
    Ghorbani, Yousef;
  • Making Sense of Mineral-based Characterization Technologies: Old and New Perspectives for Sustainable Mineral Processing(Poster), sips17_5_183
    Butcher, Alan;
  • Combined Microflotation as a Powerful Technology of Fine Ferrous Ore Beneficiation(Poster), sips17_5_88FS
    Rulyov, Niclolaj; Tussupbayev, Nessipbay;
  • The MICON Hybrid II, 50-psi, Mine Ventilation Seal with Access Door(Poster), sips17_4_125FS
    Sawyer, Stephen; Watson, George; Hussey, David;
  • Analysis and Sensitivity Evaluation of the Safety Factor in the Change of the Values of Certain Geo-mechanical Parameters(Poster), sips17_4_60
    Huseini, Idaver;