Volume 2: Dodds Intl. Symp. / Energy Production

Editors:F. Kongoli, A. Buhl, T. Turna, M. Mauntz, W. Williams, J. Rubinstein, P.L. Fuhr, M. Morales-Rodriguez
Publisher:Flogen Star OUTREACH
Publication Year:2017
Pages: 306 pages
Summit Plenaries
  • Science and Technology – The Grand Disruptors and Solution Providers, sips17_46_370FS, Florian Kongoli
  • Science and Beauty of Crystals, sips17_46_366, Dan Shechtman
  • Good and Bad Bacteria - Science/Human Synergies, sips17_46_365, Ada Yonath
  • The discovery and role of nitric oxide and cyclic GMP in biological signaling, sips17_46_367, Ferid Murad
  • Creative Approaches to Chemical Sustainability, sips17_46_364, Donna J. Nelson
  • YILDIRIM Group: A Diversified Multinational Conglomerate That Simultaneously Achieves Growth, Social Development And Environmental Protection, sips17_46_357, Robert Yuksel Yildirim
  • The European Environmental Policies: A Vector Aiming to Sustainability, sips17_46_354, Patricio Barrios
  • Oxidative Stress: from Life Sustainability to Life Unsustainability: from Blood Regulation in Brain to Alzheimer Disease, sips17_42_300FS, Christian Amatore
  • Interfaces: small Features for big Achievements in Sustainable Materials, sips17_46_294, Dominique Chatain
  • High Efficiency of Renewable Energy Sources Through SPD Processing Of Bulk Nanostructured Solids, sips17_46_348, Michael Zehetbauer
  • Evaluation of Subvention Schemes for Lignite Electricity Plants in the Aftermath of the Paris Agreement - 2015, sips17_46_358, Tamer Turna
  • Perspectives on the Role of New and Advanced Materials and Technologies for Energy, Environment and Sustainability, sips17_46_42, Fernand Marquis
  • Electricity Production Choices and Consequences, sips17_46_359, Harold Dodds
  • Leather and Lace: Adventures of a Female Academic in Entrepreneur-land, sips17_46_369, Janna Maranas
  • Interface engineering for next generation rechargeable batteries: An Overview and Perspectives, sips17_46_373, Katerina Aifantis
  • The Development and Business Value of Modern Process Mineralogy, sips17_5_325FS, Norman O. Lotter
  • Human Heart Beat Simulation Based on Fluid-Structure Interaction, sips17_38_346, Dean Vucinic

Dodds International Symposium
  • Editor Foreword : Dodds International Symposium on Sustainable Energy Production
  • Electricity Production Choices and Consequences: Part II(Plenary), sips17_17_41
    Dodds, Harold;
  • Synergistic Opportunities Between Nuclear Energy and the Oil and Gas Industry(Keynote), sips17_17_124
    Williams, Wesley;
  • Towards Green and Safe Sodium Batteries(Keynote), sips17_17_257
    Mansson, Martin; Forslund, Ola Kenji;
  • Eco-industrial Zones in the Context of Sustainability Development of Urban Areas, sips17_17_202FS
    Stefanov, Sonja;
  • An Integrated Information Architecture for Lifecycle Prognostics and Reliability Improvement(Keynote), sips17_17_56FS
    Hines, Wes; Welz, Zach;
  • Reactor Safety for Lead or Lead-Bismuth (LBE) Cooled Reactors-fuel-coolant Interactions(Keynote), sips17_17_86
    Retegan, Teodora;
  • A New Paradigm for Environmental Safety Management of Chemical Industry in Korea : Offsite Risk Assessment, sips17_17_182
    Park, Kyoshik;
  • Thermodynamic Stability of Irreversible Processes: a Gibbs-Duhem Type Theory and the Fourth Law of Thermodynamics, sips17_17_144FS
    Bhalekar, Anil A.; Andresen, Bjarne;
  • Evaluation of Subvention Schemes for Lignite Electricity Plants in the Aftermath of the Paris Agreement - 2015 - Part II(Plenary), sips17_17_352FS
    Turna, Tamer;
  • Condition Based Maintenance of Wind Turbines by 24/7 Monitoring of Oil Quality and Additive Consumption: Identification of Critical Operation Conditions and Determination of the Next Oil Change(Keynote), sips17_17_81FS
    Mauntz, Manfred; Peuser, Jorn;
  • Thermodynamic Stability of Industrial Chemical Processes Using Lyapunov Function Analysis, sips17_17_263
    Tangde, Vijay; Bhalekar, Anil A.;
  • Comparison of Supercritical Water Oxidation and Supercritical Water Gasification, sips17_17_136
    Jacoby, William;
  • Thermodynamic Stability of Irreversible Processes Based on Lyapunov Function Analysis(Plenary), sips17_17_145FS
    Bhalekar, Anil A.; Tangde, Vijay;
  • Minimizing Gas Flaring and Enhancing Condensate Recovery from Gas Condensate Reservoirs Through Gas Injection, sips17_17_304FS
    Mamanti Sealiete, Pearl;
  • The Effect of Alpha-irradiation from Enriched Uranium on the Leaching Properties of PTFE, sips17_17_240
    Badenhorst, Jacoba; Krieg, Henning;
  • Analysis of Sustainable Electricity Generation System Inside a Directional Wellbore from Low-enthalpy Geopressured Geothermal Brine Reservoir, sips17_17_48FS
    Tyagi, Mayank; Akhmadullin, Ildar;
  • Models for Assessing the Creation of Landfill Pollutants (LFG), sips17_17_158
    Stefanov, Sonja;
  • Measuring Quantities of Flared Gas in Middle East, sips17_17_305FS
    Mabafokeng Masitha, Irene;
  • High-pressure, Density-driven Separation of Carbon Dioxide from Flue Gas, sips17_17_137
    Jacoby, William;
  • Investigation of Carbonated Water Injection in an Oil Reservoir to Enhance Oil Recovery(Keynote), sips17_17_13FS
    Esmaeili, Abdollah;
  • Increasing Efficiency of Gas Injection into Gas Cap of a Sandstone Oil Reservoir to Improve Oil Recovery, sips17_17_14FS
    Esmaeili, Abdollah;
  • Experimental Investigation of Different Immiscible Water Alternating Gas (IWAG) Schemes Towards Optimization of Displacement Efficiency, sips17_17_15FS
    Esmaeili, Abdollah; Abdalla Ayoub, Mohammad;
  • Polymer Gel Design, Production and Injection into Oil Producing Interval of a Sandstone Reservoir to Prevent Excess Water Production, sips17_17_16FS
    Esmaeili, Abdollah;
  • Proposing New Technological Solutions for Produced Water Management in an Oil Field, sips17_17_17FS
    Esmaeili, Abdollah;
  • Scale up Heterogeneity and Recovery Performance from Core to Field Scale for an Oil Sandstone Reservoir, sips17_17_18FS
    Esmaeili, Abdollah;
  • Management and Saving of the Electricity in Household in Kosovo - a Case Study(Poster), sips17_17_130
    Qelaj, Mehmet; Shiroka Pula, Justina; Nushi, Violeta; Rizaj, Musa;
  • Applications of Catalysts in Oil and Gas Industry(Poster), sips17_17_25FS
    Dehghani, Fatemeh;
  • Cybersecurity Implications for Sustainable Energy Production(Poster), sips17_17_332
    Fuhr, Peter;
  • Gasification of Coal Dust in Filtration Combustion Mode(Poster), sips17_17_375
    Salgansky, Eugene; Zaichenko, Andrey; Podlesnyy, Dmitry;
  • Nonuniformity of Filtration Combustion Front of Multicomponent Fuel Mixtures(Poster), sips17_17_376
    Podlesnyy, Dmitry; Salgansky, Eugene; Zaichenko, Andrey;
  • Conversion of Liquid Combustible Wastes in the Filtration Combustion Mode with Divided Input of Reagents Under Conditions of a Moving Layer of an Inert Coolant(Poster), sips17_17_377
    Zaichenko, Andrey; Podlesnyy, Dmitry; Salgansky, Eugene;
  • Low Cost Printed Sensors for the Energy Industry Sustainability(Poster), sips17_17_76
    Morales-rodriguez, Marissa;
  • Experimental Assessment of a Lysine Derivative Surfactant for Enhanced Oil Recovery in Carbonate Rocks: Mechanistic and Core Displacement Analysis(Poster), sips17_17_97
    Rostami, Alireza; Hashemi, Abdolnabi; Takassi, Mohammad Ali; Zadehnazari, Amin;