Volume 7: Yang Intl. Symp. / Multiscale Material Mechanics

Editors:F. Kongoli, E. Aifantis, H. Wang, T. Zhu
Publisher:Flogen Star OUTREACH
Publication Year:2016
Pages:300 pages
Summit Plenaries
  • Role Of Science And Technology On Sustainable Development, sips16_524FS, Kongoli, Florian
  • Science and Aesthetics, Pathways to Innovative and Entrepreneurial Society, sips16_515, Shechtman, Dan, 2011 Nobel Prize Winner
  • The Novel Sustainable Hyper-Combustion and Hyper-Furnaces of Thunder Energies Corporation, sips16_466, Santilli, Ruggero
  • Research Landscape of China Mainland, sips16_493, Yang, Wei
  • Environmental and Material Sustainability Through Value-Added Products Conversion From Bauxite Residue, sips16_246FS, Mishra, Brajendra
  • Perspectives on the Role of New Advanced Materials in Sustainable Development, sips16_262, Marquis, Fernand
  • Towards an atomic-level understanding of the magnetic properties of materials using electron microscopy, sips16_436, Dunin-Borkowski, Rafal
  • Permanent Magnets for Sustainable Energy Applications, sips16_513, Coey, Michael
  • Nanoparticle Technology Overview and Recent Developments for Sustainable Spplications, sips16_485. Muramatsu, Atsushi
  • The Importance of Power Plant Flexibility and High Efficiency in the Power Market, sips16_505, Turna, Tamer
  • Future Perspectives of Environmentally Sustainable Ironmaking, sips16_506, D'Abreu, Jose
  • Batteries located in a new energy paradigm, sips16_523, Kumar, Vasant
Yang International Symposium
  • Editor Foreword : Yang International Symposium
  • Atomistic Modeling Of History-independent Cyclic Fatigue Of Nanotwinned Metals Governed By Correlated Necklace Dislocations, sips16_1_250
    Zhou, Haofei; Gao, Huajian;
  • In-Situ Mechanics Under Transmission Electron Microscope, sips16_1_450
    Mao, Scott;
  • Dislocation-Based Discrete-Continuous Crystal Plasticity Model At Submicron Scale, sips16_1_358
    Zhuang, Zhuo;
  • Power-Law Singularity Characteristics Of Damage And Failure Of Nano-Particle Ceramic Coating Systems, sips16_1_299
    Wei, Yueguang;
  • Multi-Field Coupling Effect In Functional Materials And Energy Materials, sips16_1_509
    Fang, Daining; Hong, Jiawang;
  • Dynamics Of Full Dislocation-Density Functions From Coarse-Graining Discrete Dislocation Density-Vector Fields(Plenary), sips16_1_357
    Ngan, Alfonso; Leung, Hing Shun; Siu, Kai Wing;
  • Peridynamic Green Functions For Elasticity And Diffusion, sips16_1_480
    Wang, Jianxiang;
  • Void Behaviors From Low To High Triaxialities: Transition From Void Collapse To Void Coalescence, sips16_1_252
    Guo, Tianfu;
  • Self-Assembled 3D Shape Formation Induced By Chemical Stimuli, sips16_1_468
    Hsia, Kuen Jimmy;
  • In Vivo Surface Roughness Evolution Of A Stressed Metallic Implant(Keynote), sips16_1_355
    Tan, Henry;
  • Mechanics Revives In Electrochemistry, Biology And Medicine, sips16_1_401
    Zhang, Sulin;
  • Rethink Wood: Its Unconventional Applications In Advanced Materials Design, sips16_1_462
    Li, Teng;
  • Mechanics And Chemistry Of Hydrogels, sips16_1_448
    Suo, Zhigang;
  • Mechanical-Electric-Magnetic Coupling And Energy Conversion In Two-Dimensional Materials, sips16_1_449
    Guo, Wanlin;
  • A Buckling-based Method For Measuring The Strain-Photonic Coupling Effect Of GaAs Nanoribbons, sips16_1_512
    Feng, Xue;
  • Continuum Mechanics Of The Past And AMP; AMP; Material Mechanics Of The Future The Role Of China And Wei Yang(Plenary), sips16_1_490
    Aifantis, Elias;
  • Pseudo-First-Order Phase Transition For Ultrahigh Positive/Negative Electrocaloric Effects In Perovskite Ferroelectrics(Plenary), sips16_1_351
    Zhang, Tong Yi;
  • In-Situ Transmission Electron Microscopy Studies Of The Electrochemical Processes Of Lithium Ion Battery Materials, sips16_1_305
    Huang, Jianyu; Li, Ju; Zhu, Ting; Mao, Scott; Zhang, Sulin;
  • Dilatation In Flow And Fracture Of Metallic Glasses(Keynote), sips16_1_419
    Dai, Lanhong;
  • The Stress-Velocity Relationship Of Dislocations And Their Speed Limits, sips16_1_451
    Wei, Yujie;
  • Biochemomechanical Poroelastic Theory Of Tumor Growth, sips16_1_471
    Feng, Xi Qiao;
  • Size Effect In Nanomaterials, sips16_1_321
    Chen, Shaohua; Yao, Yin;
  • Enhanced Polarization And Fracture Strength In P(VDF-TRFE) Copolymer Films By Tailored Electric Cyclings, sips16_1_447
    Fang, Fei; Jing, Wenqi; Yang, Wei;
  • Multiscale And Multiphysics Modeling Of Materials, sips16_1_293
    Zhu, Ting;
  • Asymptotic Solutions For Some Phase-Transition Problems(Keynote), sips16_1_365
    Dai, Hui Hui;
  • A New Model For Piezoelectric Material With Void Surface Effect, sips16_1_80
    Xu, K.y.; Yue, Yanmei;
  • Study On Thaw Consolidation Of Permafrost Under Roadway Embankment, sips16_1_477
    Qi, Jilin; Yao, Xiaoliang;
  • Phase Field Simulations On Domain Switching-Induced Toughening In Ferromagnetic Materials, sips16_1_408
    Wang, Jie;
  • Stability Capacity Of Industrialized Prefabricated High Rise Steel Structure., sips16_1_476
    Ailin, Zhang;
  • Mechanics Of Soft Materials And Structures, sips16_1_399
    Qu, Shaoxing;
  • Analysis Of Stress Singularities In Thin-Films Bonded To A Graded Substrate, sips16_1_310
    Chen, Peijian; Peng, Juan;
  • Co-Deformation Mechanisms In Crystalline-Amorphous Nanolaminates, sips16_1_444
    Li, Xiaoyan;
  • Dislocation Activities At The Martensite Phase Transformation Interface In Metastable Austenitic Stainless Steel: An In-Situ Tem Study, sips16_1_474
    Wang, Hongtao;
  • Absorption Layer Removed UV Flip Chip Structures For High Power 365 Nm UV Led, sips16_1_194
    Kawan, Anil; Yu, Soon Jae; Kim, Chung Tae;
  • Numerical Simulations Of Propagation And Coalescence Of Cracks In Rocks Under Thermo-Seepage-Mechanical Coupling Condition In In The Framework Of General Particle Dynamics, sips16_1_508
    Xiaoping, Zhou;
  • Grain-Size And Frequency Dependent Ferroelectric Characteristics Of Nanocrystalline Batio3 Ceramics: A Phase-Field Study, sips16_1_167
    Su, Yu;
  • Mechanics-Guided, Deterministic 3D Assembly, sips16_1_225
    Huang, Yonggang;
  • Correlating The Internal Length Scale In Strain Gradient Plasticity Theory With The Microstructure Of Material(Poster), sips16_1_241
    Zhang, Xu; Aifantis, Katerina; Kang, Guozheng;
  • Analysis Of Natural Fiber Reinforced Composites Considering Moisture Absorption, sips16_1_256
    Zhong, Zheng;
  • A Novel XFEM For Simulating Crack Propagation In Inhomogeneous Material, sips16_1_258
    Zhou, Chuwei;
  • Molecular Dynamics Simulations On Nucleosome, sips16_1_274
    Li, Zhenhai;
  • Effect Of Grain Size On The N And R Value Of 3104 Aluminum Alloy Sheet, sips16_1_301
    Tian, Ni; Jia, Cunfa; Ning, Hong; Fang, Xin; Zhao, Gang;
  • Droplet-To-Bubble Transition: A Tornado In Ultrasound, sips16_1_306
    Zang, Duyang;
  • Determination Of Residual Stress Along Depth By In Plane 3-Directional Optical Interference Moire, sips16_1_314
    Zhang, Keming;
  • On Singularities At An Inclined Crack Tip Terminating At The Bi-Material Interface In A Reissner Plate, sips16_1_318
    Zhang, Zhaojun;
  • Analysis Of The Flow And Heat Transfer For Fluid-thermal Acupuncture Needle(Poster), sips16_1_327FS
    Stephen, Zhou; He, Bin; An, Yi;
  • Constitutive Model For Macro-Yield Behaviors Of Amorphous Glassy Polymers: Evolution Of Sub-Entanglement Micro-Structure(Poster), sips16_1_337
    Jiang, Han; Jiang, Chengkai; Kang, Guozheng;
  • Analytical Periodic Shear Band Solutions In Gradient Plasticity, sips16_1_385FS
    Xu, Hang; Aifantis, Elias; Raees, Ammarah; Zhao, Qing Kai;
  • Voltage-Driven Magnetization Switching By Charge-Mediated Magnetoelectric Coupling, sips16_1_410
    Yi, Min; Xu, Bai Xiang;
  • Plastic Deformation And Reinforcement Mechanisms Of Carbon Nanotube Fibers By Coarse-Grained Molecular Dynamics Simulations, sips16_1_422FS
    Liu, Xia; Yang, Qingsheng;
  • Experimentally Derived Constitutive Laws Governing Dynamic Fracture Propagation, sips16_1_475
    Xia, Kaiwen;
  • Surface Effect On Mechanical Properties And Local Mobility Of Ultrathin Polystyrene Films From Molecular Dynamics Simulations(Poster), sips16_1_491FS
    Yang, Fan; Zhong, Zheng;
  • Structural Hierarchy And Viscosity Of Geomedium, sips16_1_62
    Qi, Chengzhi;