Volume 5: Starkey Intl. Symp. / Mineral Processing

Editors:F. Kongoli, P. Kumar, A. Senchenko, B. Klein, A.C. Silva, C. Sun, W. Mingan
Publisher:Flogen Star OUTREACH
Publication Year:2016
Pages:300 pages
Summit Plenaries
  • Role Of Science And Technology On Sustainable Development, sips16_524FS, Kongoli, Florian
  • Science and Aesthetics, Pathways to Innovative and Entrepreneurial Society, sips16_515, Shechtman, Dan, 2011 Nobel Prize Winner
  • The Novel Sustainable Hyper-Combustion and Hyper-Furnaces of Thunder Energies Corporation, sips16_466, Santilli, Ruggero
  • Research Landscape of China Mainland, sips16_493, Yang, Wei
  • Environmental and Material Sustainability Through Value-Added Products Conversion From Bauxite Residue, sips16_246FS, Mishra, Brajendra
  • Perspectives on the Role of New Advanced Materials in Sustainable Development, sips16_262, Marquis, Fernand
  • Towards an atomic-level understanding of the magnetic properties of materials using electron microscopy, sips16_436, Dunin-Borkowski, Rafal
  • Permanent Magnets for Sustainable Energy Applications, sips16_513, Coey, Michael
  • Nanoparticle Technology Overview and Recent Developments for Sustainable Spplications, sips16_485. Muramatsu, Atsushi
  • The Importance of Power Plant Flexibility and High Efficiency in the Power Market, sips16_505, Turna, Tamer
  • Future Perspectives of Environmentally Sustainable Ironmaking, sips16_506, D'Abreu, Jose
  • Batteries located in a new energy paradigm, sips16_523, Kumar, Vasant
Starkey International Symposium
  • Editor Foreword : Starkey International Symposium
  • Delivering Process Design Value To Mining Clients(Plenary), sips16_5_429FS
    Starkey, John;
  • Modern Flowsheet Development For Mineral Processing(Keynote), sips16_5_356FS
    Lotter, Norman;
  • Sustainability In Alumina Production From Bauxite, sips16_5_86FS
    Safarian, Jafar; Kolbeinsen, Leiv;
  • The Application Of Nano Steel Magnetic Liner At Erdenet Copper Mine, sips16_5_437
    Wang, Fisher; Mejia, Olav; Klein, Bern;
  • Investigation Of Ore Properties By Design Of Cycles Of Ore Preparation, sips16_5_122FS
    Nikolaeva, Nadezhda; Aleksandrova, Tatyana;
  • Directional Collection In Bubble Fractionation By Near-Post Meniscus, sips16_5_267
    Li, Shanpeng; Liu, Jianlin;
  • Predicting Aggregate Quality For Flexible Road Pavement With Bond Work Index, sips16_5_354FS
    Adigun, Oluwole; Adebayo, Babatunde; Amu, Olugbenga; Oladeji, Adeola;
  • Bulk Sorting-A New Paradigm For Large Scale Mining(Keynote), sips16_5_415
    Klein, Bern; Bamber, Andrew;
  • Removal Of Phosphorus From High Phosphorus Iron Ores In Wushan Mountain By Crosscurrent Acid Leaching, sips16_5_109FS
    Xiaoyan, Xiang; Wentang, Xia; Yuan, Xiaoli; Yin, Jianguo; An, Juan;
  • Quebec Northern Plan For Sustainable Development Of Natural Resources, sips16_5_520
    Kongoli, Florian;
  • Experimental Study Of High-Voltage Nanosecond Pulses Effect On The Structure Surface And Microhardness Of Kimberlite Rock-Forming Minerals, sips16_5_14
    Bunin, Igor; Chanturiya, Valentine; Anashkina, Nataliya; Ryazantseva, Maria; Koporulina, Elizaveta;
  • Concentration Complexes Polyhedration For The Quinary Reciprocal Systems, sips16_5_148FS
    Lutsyk, Vasily; Vorob'eva, Vera; Parfenova, Maria;
  • Smelting-Reduction Of Bauxite For Sustainable Alumina Production, sips16_5_87FS
    Safarian, Jafar; Kolbeinsen, Leiv;
  • Effect Of Speed On Energy Efficiency In Tumbling Mills, sips16_5_438
    Wang, Fisher; Cebeci, Tugba; Klein, Bern;
  • Desulfurization Of High-Sulfur Bauxite In China, sips16_5_150
    Yin, Jianguo; Deng, Nengyun; Zhou, Xuejiao; Xiaoyan, Xiang; Yuan, Xiaoli; Wentang, Xia;
  • Treatment Of The Acid Waters From The Artana Mine, sips16_5_177
    Mustafa, Bajram; Kelmendi, Shyqri; Vitaku, Asllan; Murati, Nagip;
  • Extraction Of Potash Values From Silicate Rocks, sips16_5_248
    Dhawan, Nikhil;
  • HGPR Performance: Laboratory To Plant Operations, sips16_5_249
    Dhawan, Nikhil;
  • Recovery Samarium Oxide From SmCo-Containing Slurry By Hydrometallurgy, sips16_5_285
    Shih, Kuan Yu; Chen, Wei Sheng;
  • The Use Of A Mixture Of Balls And Pebbles To Reduce Power And Ball Consumption(Plenary), sips16_5_313FS
    Loveday, Brian; Nkwanyana, Sandile;
  • Ecological Importance Of New Water-Vapor Processing Of Metal Sulfide Concentrates, sips16_5_319FS
    Karamyan, Gagik; Hakobyan, Kliment; Hakobyan, Armen;
  • Research On Defluorization Mechanism In Bastnaesite Calcining Processing, sips16_5_412
    Sun, Shuchen; Yang, Ying; Chen, Jianshe; Zhu, Xiaoping; Huang, Xiaoxiao; Lu, Shuaidan;
  • Application Of Jksimmet Simulation For Performance Optimization Of Wushan SABC Circuit, sips16_5_416
    Wang, Peilong;
  • Transformation Practice Of Crushing Circuit Of Zhenyuan Gold Mine, sips16_5_454FS
    Xuede, Hui; Peng, Li; Junping, Wang;
  • Recovery Of Gold From Tailings Of Al-Amar Mine In Saudi Arabia(Poster), sips16_5_211FS
    Mahmoud, Mohamed Hesham Hassan; Awad, Hesham;
  • Investigations For A Beneficiation Route For Sishen Mine's Iron Ore Jig Slimes(Poster), sips16_5_317
    Molebiemang, Gracious Mmathuto;
  • Studies On The Oxidation Behaviour Of Pyrite Under Different System(Poster), sips16_5_455FS
    Peng, Li; Xuede, Hui;
  • The Gold Recovering Process With Ore Roasting Is Successful Practiced In Guizhou Jin Xing Gold Mining Co.LTD(Poster), sips16_5_456FS
    Xuede, Hui; Peng, Li; Fajun, Sun; Wen, Zhang; Jie, Shi;