Volume 4: Santilli Intl. Symp. / Mathematics Applications

Editors:F. Kongoli, G. Gaines, S. Georgiev, A. Bhalekar
Publisher:Flogen Star OUTREACH
Publication Year:2016
Pages:300 pages
Summit Plenaries
  • Role Of Science And Technology On Sustainable Development, sips16_524FS, Kongoli, Florian
  • Science and Aesthetics, Pathways to Innovative and Entrepreneurial Society, sips16_515, Shechtman, Dan, 2011 Nobel Prize Winner
  • The Novel Sustainable Hyper-Combustion and Hyper-Furnaces of Thunder Energies Corporation, sips16_466, Santilli, Ruggero
  • Research Landscape of China Mainland, sips16_493, Yang, Wei
  • Environmental and Material Sustainability Through Value-Added Products Conversion From Bauxite Residue, sips16_246FS, Mishra, Brajendra
  • Perspectives on the Role of New Advanced Materials in Sustainable Development, sips16_262, Marquis, Fernand
  • Towards an atomic-level understanding of the magnetic properties of materials using electron microscopy, sips16_436, Dunin-Borkowski, Rafal
  • Permanent Magnets for Sustainable Energy Applications, sips16_513, Coey, Michael
  • Nanoparticle Technology Overview and Recent Developments for Sustainable Spplications, sips16_485. Muramatsu, Atsushi
  • The Importance of Power Plant Flexibility and High Efficiency in the Power Market, sips16_505, Turna, Tamer
  • Future Perspectives of Environmentally Sustainable Ironmaking, sips16_506, D'Abreu, Jose
  • Batteries located in a new energy paradigm, sips16_523, Kumar, Vasant
Santilli International Symposium
  • Editor Foreword : Santilli International Symposium
  • Outline Of The New Era In Mathematics And Its Applications To New Sustainable Energies(Plenary), sips16_38_430
    Santilli, Prof. Ruggero;
  • Santilli's Isomathematics, sips16_38_214FS
    Muktibodh, Arun;
  • The Jiang Periodic Table Of Elements, sips16_38_384
    Jiang, Chun Xuan;
  • Hyper Lie-Santilli Admissibility(Plenary), sips16_38_502
    Vougiouklis, Thomas;
  • Introduction To Partial Iso-differential Equations(Plenary), sips16_38_446
    Georgiev, Svetlin;
  • Isonilpotents And Self-organization, sips16_38_278FS
    Rowlands, Peter;
  • Helix-Hopes On Finite HV-fields, sips16_38_441
    Vougiouklis, Thomas; Vougiouklis, Sousana;
  • Iso-integral Equations, sips16_38_445
    Georgiev, Svetlin;
  • Hypernumbers, Finite Hyper-Fields, sips16_38_442
    Vougiouklis, Thomas;
  • Isorepresentations Of Lie-Santilli Isoalgebras, sips16_38_511
    Muktibodh, Arun;
  • Physics In The Large Hadron Collider Era And Beyond(Plenary), sips16_38_472
    Rak, Jan;
  • Santilli Synthesis Of The Neutron According To Hadronic Mechanics, sips16_38_469
    Burande, Chandrakant;
  • Confirmation Of Intermediate Controlled Nuclear Syntheses (ICNS) Without Harmful Radiations, sips16_38_309
    Lanjewar, Ratnakar;
  • Exact And Invariant Representation Of Nuclear Magnetic Moments According To Isomathematics And Isomechanics, sips16_38_427
    Santilli, Prof. Ruggero;
  • Nuclear Configuration Of Stable Nuclides In Terms Of Isonucleons And Their Nuclear Spins, sips16_38_251
    Bhalekar, Anil; Santilli, Prof. Ruggero;
  • Study Of Bose-Einstein Correlation Within The Framework Of Hadronic Mechanics, sips16_38_470
    Burande, Chandrakant;
  • From Newtonian Mechanics To Hadronic Mechanics : The Road Ahead, sips16_38_423
    Tuladhar, Bhadra Man;
  • On The Nuclear Stability/Instability Using Closed Packing Of Isonucleons Envisaged In Santilli's Models Of Isonuclides, sips16_38_463
    Bhalekar, Anil; Santilli, Ruggero;
  • The New Sciences And Technologies For The Purification Of Urban Air, sips16_38_281
    Beghella Bartoli, Simone; Santilli, Ruggero;
  • The Tyranny Of The Lorentz Group, sips16_38_230FS
    Oziewicz, Zbigniew; Colin Garcia, Hilda Maria;
  • Sustainable Incubation Of Centrally Symmetric Periodic System Of The Elements(Plenary), sips16_38_291FS
    Trell, Erik;
  • Anthropology Of Hadronic Science And Technology-Addressing The Significance Of External Cultural Factors For Promotion Vs. Obstruction Of Sustainable Industrial Processing At A Global Scale(Plenary), sips16_38_289
    Johansen, Stein E.;
  • Results Of Iclatip-3, Nepal, 2011(Plenary), sips16_38_425
    Tuladhar, Bhadra Man;
  • Study Of Combustion Of Coal With Magnegas As Additive For Improved Combustion Efficiency: A Review Of Present Scenario And Future Scope, sips16_38_233FS
    Wazalwar, Sachin; Tangde, Vijay; Bhalekar, Anil;
  • Santilli's New Clean Fuels With Magnecular Structure, sips16_38_234FS
    Pandhurnekar, Chandrashekhar;
  • Creating New Algebraic Hyperstructures From Santilli's Iso and Geno-Theories, sips16_38_522
    Vougiouklis, Thomas;
  • Santilli Magnegas And Their Applications, sips16_38_308FS
    Zodape, Sangesh;
  • Santilli's Non-nuclear And Nuclear Energies : A Source For Sustainable And Green Energy, sips16_38_273FS
    Das Sarma, Indrani;
  • Santilli's Isomathematics For Interior Dynamic Systems, sips16_38_311FS
    Kohale, Ritesh;
  • Detection Of Rak Antimatter Galaxy In The Capella Region Of The Night Sky, sips16_38_507
    Santilli, Ruggero;
  • Antimatter Galaxies And Their Apparent Role In The Stability Of The Universe, sips16_38_284
    Beghella Bartoli, Simone; Santilli, Ruggero;
  • Santilli Isodual Theory Of Antimatter, sips16_38_231FS
    Bhujbal, Prashant;
  • Extended Version Of Physics In The Large Hadron Collider Era And Beyond, sips16_38_510
    Rak, Jan;
  • Antimatter Asteroids And Their Possible Trajectories In Our Solar System, sips16_38_283
    Beghella Bartoli, Simone;
  • Introduction To Iso-Tensor Calculus And Continuum Mechanics, sips16_38_322
    Muktibodh, Pradeep;
  • Deformation Quantization: From Number Theory To Mathematical Physics, sips16_38_200
    Stepan, Moskaliuk;
  • Numerical Simulation On The Effects Of Inlet Velocity On Gas-Powder Flow In A Slot-Plug Mixing Chamber(Poster), sips16_38_226FS
    Xie, Jianbo;
  • The Use Of Symmetric Latin Squares In Experimental Designs On Sustainable Engineering, sips16_38_232
    Falcon, Raul;
  • Fundamentals Of The Isotopology By Means Of Extended Isotopisms, sips16_38_242
    Falcon, Raul;
  • Sustainable Mathematics And Its Application To Hadronic Chemistry, sips16_38_270
    Tangde, Vijay;
  • R.M. Santilli's Sustainable Isomathematics Of IRS And IBS, sips16_38_276FS
    Dhoble, Sanjay;
  • Implications Of Santilli's Mathematics On Isoredshifts (IRS), sips16_38_312
    Kohale, Ritesh;
  • Applications Of Isodual Numbers In R.M. Santilli's Isorelativity, sips16_38_315
    Shelke, Tushar;
  • Experimental Conformational Evidences And Vital Applications Of The Magnegas, sips16_38_352
    Zodape, Sangesh;
  • New Gravitational Formula: F= - mc2/R, sips16_38_383
    Jiang, Chun Xuan;
  • Experimental Study Of Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis From Santilli Magnegas, sips16_38_439
    Aryngazin, Askar;
  • Geometric Spinors, Relativity And The Hopf Fibration, sips16_38_453
    Sobczyk, Garret;
  • Physics Of Consciousness, sips16_38_465
    Polnicky, Robert;
  • Verification Of Intermediate Nuclear Fusions Without Harmful Radiation And The Production Of Magnecular Clusters(Poster), sips16_38_483
    Ying, Leong;