Volume 11: Physics, Advanced/Multifunctional Materials, Composite, Quasi-crystals, Coating

Editors:F. Kongoli, F. Marquis, L. Lu, H. Xia, P. Masset, P. Rokicki
Publisher:Flogen Star OUTREACH
Publication Year:2016
Pages:300 pages
Summit Plenaries
  • Role Of Science And Technology On Sustainable Development, sips16_524FS, Kongoli, Florian
  • Science and Aesthetics, Pathways to Innovative and Entrepreneurial Society, sips16_515, Shechtman, Dan, 2011 Nobel Prize Winner
  • The Novel Sustainable Hyper-Combustion and Hyper-Furnaces of Thunder Energies Corporation, sips16_466, Santilli, Ruggero
  • Research Landscape of China Mainland, sips16_493, Yang, Wei
  • Environmental and Material Sustainability Through Value-Added Products Conversion From Bauxite Residue, sips16_246FS, Mishra, Brajendra
  • Perspectives on the Role of New Advanced Materials in Sustainable Development, sips16_262, Marquis, Fernand
  • Towards an atomic-level understanding of the magnetic properties of materials using electron microscopy, sips16_436, Dunin-Borkowski, Rafal
  • Permanent Magnets for Sustainable Energy Applications, sips16_513, Coey, Michael
  • Nanoparticle Technology Overview and Recent Developments for Sustainable Spplications, sips16_485. Muramatsu, Atsushi
  • The Importance of Power Plant Flexibility and High Efficiency in the Power Market, sips16_505, Turna, Tamer
  • Future Perspectives of Environmentally Sustainable Ironmaking, sips16_506, D'Abreu, Jose
  • Batteries located in a new energy paradigm, sips16_523, Kumar, Vasant
2nd Intl. Symp. on Physics of Surfaces and Interfaces, from Fundamentals to Sustainable Applications
  • Wetting And Elasto-Plasticity Based Sculpture Of Liquid Marbles, sips16_20_325
    Zuo, Pingcheng; Liu, Jianlin;
  • Study On The Two-Phase Pipe Flow Action On The Elbow With Erosion,Cavitation And Corrosion, sips16_20_409
    Bai, Li; Zhao, Tingting;
  • Study On The Interface Between The Ceramic And Metal Composite, sips16_20_58
    Liu, Yihan;
  • Thermodynamic Of Nanoscale Y2Ti2O7, sips16_20_221
    Gong, Weiping;
  • Porous Oxide Films Formed On Titanium Alloys By Electrochemical Methods To Improve The Corrosion And Tribocorrosion Behavior In Specific Environments, sips16_20_240
    Benea, Lidia; Danaila, Eliza;
  • Mechanism Exploration Of Wrinkles Around The Hole In An Annular Thin Plate In Tension, sips16_20_275
    Yulong, Gong; Liu, Jianlin;
  • Droplet Deformation With Interfacial Nanoparticle Jamming, sips16_20_307
    Li, Xiaoguang;
  • Facile Fabrication Of Hydrophobic Octadecylamine-Functionalized Polyurethane Foam For Oil Spill Cleanup, sips16_20_329
    Liu, Haidong;
  • Physical Properties Of Electroformed Invar Fine Metal Mask(Poster), sips16_20_237
    Park, Y.b.; Kim, I.g.; Lee, Y.j.;
2nd Intl. Symp. on Advanced Materials and Technologies for Sustainable Energy and the Environment(AMTSEE)
  • Nano And Nanostructured Materials Systems For Energy Applications, sips16_21_394
    Marquis, Fernand;
  • Removal Of Cu(II) Cation From Aqueous Solution Using Wasted Low Grade Phosphorus-Containing Iron Ore Adsorbent, sips16_21_268FS
    Yuan, Xiaoli; Wentang, Xia; Xiaoyan, Xiang; An, Juan; Zhou, Xuejiao; Yin, Jianguo; Yang, Wenqiang;
  • Factors Of Education In Schools And Colleges With An Emphasis On Environmental Education, sips16_21_24
    Biocanin, Rade; Stefanov, Sonja;
  • Research On Iron Ore Reduction By Coke Oven Gas Auto-Reforming, sips16_21_40
    Lin, Qili; Chengbo, Wu; Zhang, Jiangbin;
  • Controllable Preparation Of Nanostructured Si And/Or Ge Via Electrolysis Of Oxides In Molten Chlorides, sips16_21_336
    Xiao, Wei;
  • Energy Efficiency Assessment Of University Buildings - Case Study: Technical Faculties Building, sips16_21_287
    Nushi, Violeta; V., Komoni; V., Navakazi; Pula, Justina; Qelaj, Mehmet;
  • Development Of Nickel (Oxy)Hydroxide/Graphene Hydrogels For Asymmetric Supercapacitors, sips16_21_328
    Chaohe, Xu;
  • Synthesis Characterization And Conductivity Of Sr1-xNaxSiO3-d, sips16_21_348
    Sood, Kapil; Basu, Suddhasatwa;
  • Time-Dependent Porous Structure Evolution Of Nimo Film Electrodeposited Under Super Gravity Field As Electrocatalyst For Hydrogen Evolution Reaction, sips16_21_76
    Yu, Xiangtao; Wang, Mingyong; Wang, Zhi; Gong, Xuzhong; Guo, Zhancheng;
  • Determination Of Induction Time And Primary Nucleation Kinetics For Batch Reactive Crystallization Of Calcium Carbonate, sips16_21_79FS
    Huang, Liangliang;
  • Preparations And Modifications Of Niobium-Based Anode Materials For Lithium-Ion Batteries, sips16_21_324
    Lin, Chunfu;
  • The Technological Process Of Solidification For The Treatment Of Hazardous Waste, sips16_21_23
    Stefanov, Sonja;
  • Wet-Chemical Synthesis Of Nanostructured Titania For Lithium Storage, sips16_21_345
    Wen, Wei;
  • Bifacial Quasi-Solid-State Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Based On Ag2S Quantum Dots Modified Transparent Polyaniline Counter Electrode(Poster), sips16_21_398
    Gao, Jing; Yang, Ying; Guo, Xueyi;
  • Non-Ionic Phosphonate Chains Onto Isoindigo-Based Polymers Toward Control Of Charge Dynamic For Optoelectronic Devices(Poster), sips16_21_459
    Yang, Changduk;
  • Dithienogermole-cored Small Molecules As Donor Materials In Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells(Poster), sips16_21_460
    Yang, Changduk;
  • Nuclear Analytical Techniques: Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA) And Isotope Dilution Analysis (IDA) For Environmental Samples, sips16_21_473FS
    Lanjewar, Mamata; Lanjewar, Ratnakar;

2nd Intl. Symp. on Multifunctional and Smart Materials, Systems and Structures for Sustainability (MSMSSS)
  • Challenges And Results Of Nanocomposite And Hybrid Films Obtained By Electrodeposition, sips16_22_239
    Benea, Lidia;
  • Studies Of Solid-State Electrolytes For High Energy Storage Devices(Plenary), sips16_22_245
    Lu, Li; Zhu, Yati; Kotobuki, Masashi; Zhang, Yunfeng;
  • Modern Challenges For Structures Carbon Nanomaterials Characterization, sips16_22_338
    Savilov, Serguei;

4th Intl. Symp. on Composite, Ceramic and Nano Materials Processing, Characterization and Applications
  • The Large Scale Synthesis Of Aligned Plate Nanostructures(Plenary), sips16_18_182
    Nash, Philip; Zhou, Yang;
  • Effect Of Inhomogeneous Composition On The Superconducting Properties Of Practical Superconductor, sips16_18_266
    Li, Yingxu; Kang, Guozheng;
  • Functionalization Of Carbon Nanomaterials And Their Application In H2 Gas Sensor, sips16_18_350
    Dhall, Shivani;
  • Research Of Producing Special-Purpose Composite Products By SHS-Electric Rolling, sips16_18_359FS
    Tutberidze, Aleksandr; Namicheishvili, Teimuraz; Tavadze, George; Oniashvil, George; Melashvili, Zaqaria; Aslamazasvili, Zurab; Zakharov, Garedin;
  • Study On Nano TiB2 Coatings Deposited By CVD, sips16_18_411
    Huang, Xiaoxiao; Sun, Shuchen; Lu, Shuaidan; Zhu, Xiaoping;

4th Intl. Symp. on Quasi-crystals, Metallic Alloys, Composites, Ceramics and Nano Materials
  • Phase Compositions And Microstructure Of Alumina/Calcium-Hexaluminate Composites, sips16_8_17
    Zhang, Yingyi;

3rd Intl. Symp. on Sustainable Surface and Interface Engineering: Coatings for Extreme Environments
  • Different Type Tin Based Protective Coatings Structures For Aircraft Engine Compressor Blades(Invited), sips16_19_67FS
    Rokicki, Pawel; Cieciwa, Tomasz; Dychton, Kamil; Goral, Marek; Drajewicz, Marcin;
  • Size-Dependent Behaviors Of Kirchhoff Microplate With Surface Stress And Surface Induced Residual Stresses(Invited), sips16_19_320
    Yue, Yanmei;
  • Heat-Resistant Iron-Chromium Alloys For Protective Coatings Of Operating Units Of Power Plants, sips16_19_77FS
    Kandelaki, Aleksandre; Mikadze, Omar; Garibashvili, Vazha; Mikadze, George; Mirijanashvili, Zurab;
  • Inverstigation On The Microstructure And Properties Of Chemical Plating Ni-P And Ni-W-P, sips16_19_105
    Bao, Cuimin;