Volume 10: Battery, Recycling & Environmental, Mining

Editors: F. Kongoli, V. Kumar, K. Aifantis, F. Pagnanelli
Publisher:Flogen Star OUTREACH
Publication Year:2016
Pages:300 pages
Summit Plenaries
  • Role Of Science And Technology On Sustainable Development, sips16_524FS, Kongoli, Florian
  • Science and Aesthetics, Pathways to Innovative and Entrepreneurial Society, sips16_515, Shechtman, Dan, 2011 Nobel Prize Winner
  • The Novel Sustainable Hyper-Combustion and Hyper-Furnaces of Thunder Energies Corporation, sips16_466, Santilli, Ruggero
  • Research Landscape of China Mainland, sips16_493, Yang, Wei
  • Environmental and Material Sustainability Through Value-Added Products Conversion From Bauxite Residue, sips16_246FS, Mishra, Brajendra
  • Perspectives on the Role of New Advanced Materials in Sustainable Development, sips16_262, Marquis, Fernand
  • Towards an atomic-level understanding of the magnetic properties of materials using electron microscopy, sips16_436, Dunin-Borkowski, Rafal
  • Permanent Magnets for Sustainable Energy Applications, sips16_513, Coey, Michael
  • Nanoparticle Technology Overview and Recent Developments for Sustainable Spplications, sips16_485. Muramatsu, Atsushi
  • The Importance of Power Plant Flexibility and High Efficiency in the Power Market, sips16_505, Turna, Tamer
  • Future Perspectives of Environmentally Sustainable Ironmaking, sips16_506, D'Abreu, Jose
  • Batteries located in a new energy paradigm, sips16_523, Kumar, Vasant
4th Intl. Symp. on Sustainable Materials Recycling Processes and Products
  • Dust Hazards And Safety Measures Related To Photovoltaic Panel Recycling(Invited), sips16_7_265FS
    Granata, Giuseppe; Paltrinieri, Nicola; Mingotti, Nicola;
  • Recycling Of By-Products From Metallurgical Processes - A Contribution To A Sustainable Metal Production(Plenary), sips16_7_421
    Antrekowitsch, Juergen;
  • Physical And Chemical Treatment Of End Of Life Si-based And CdTe Photovoltaic Panels(Plenary), sips16_7_247FS
    Pagnanelli, Francesca; Moscardini, Emanuela; Abo Atia, Thomas; Altimari, Pietro; Toro, Luigi;
  • Leaching Kinetics Of Ladle Furnace Waste Slag By Ammonium Chloride Solution, sips16_7_120FS
    Li, Feng; Ma, Guo Jun; Tong, Zhibo; Tang, Hui;
  • Dissolution Thermodynamics Analysis Of CaSiO3 In The System Of CaSiO3-NH3-NH4Cl-H2O, sips16_7_47FS
    Tong, Zhibo; Ma, Guo Jun; Li, Feng; Zhang, Xiang; Xue, Zhengliang;
  • Strategies For Recycling And Valorization Of New Technology For Energy Components: The Case Of Batteries, Fuel Cells, PV Cells, Permanent Magnets(Keynote), sips16_7_70
    Bouyer, Etienne;
  • Turning Wastes Into Nanoproducts: A Hydrometallurgical Approach For Recycling End Of Life Lithium Ion Batteries, sips16_7_478
    Abo Atia, Thomas; Moscardini, Emanuela; Toro, Luigi; Pagnanelli, Francesca;
  • Preparation Of Novel Ceramics Produced From Red Mud, sips16_7_277FS
    Dejian, Pei; Yu, Li; Lingling, Zhang; Da Qiang, Cang;
  • Kinetic Study Of Ni(II) Ion Removal From Synthetic Wastewater By Ion Flotation, sips16_7_128
    Safari, Mehdi;
  • Copper Recovery From Ausmelt Slags By Flotation And Industrial Application, sips16_7_176
    Qin, Qingwei;
  • Development Of An Optimized Process For Recovery And Reuse Of Spent Membranes For Hydrogen Separation, sips16_7_333
    Pagnanelli, Francesca; Palo, Emma; Moscardini, Emanuela; Baldassari, Ludovica; Salladini, Annarita; Iaquaniello, Gaetano; Toro, Luigi;
  • Experimental Research On Leaching Valuable Metals From Waste Diamond Cutters With Ammonia-Ammonium Sulfate System, sips16_7_72FS
    Xue, Ping; Guangqiang, Li; Qingwei, Qin; Wei, Mingxing;
  • Efficient Recovery Of Copper From A Copper Converter Dust Via Thin Layer Leaching And Solvent Extraction(Keynote), sips16_7_119FS
    Alguacil, Francisco Jose; Pagnanelli, Francesca;
  • Recovery Of Iron Oxides By Oxidation Of Molten Steelmaking Slag In Water Vapour, sips16_7_403
    Li, Juncheng;
  • Recycling Of Iron And Steel Waste In Tunnel Kiln Direct Reduction Of Iron Process, sips16_7_461
    Toloue Farrokh, Najibeh;
  • Review Of Hydrothermal Sulfidation In The Treatment Of Nonferrous Smelting Residue For Metal Recovery(Poster), sips16_7_254
    Ke, Yong; Chai, Li Yuan; Min, Xiao Bo; Liu, Hui;
  • Cascade Sulfidation And Separation Of Copper And Arsenic From Acidic Wastewater Via Gas-liquid Reaction(Poster), sips16_7_279
    Chai, Liyuan; Jiang, Guomin; Min, Xiao Bo; Liu, Hui;
  • Recovery Of Zinc From High Iron-bearing Zinc Calcines By Alkaline Leaching And Precipitation Process(Poster), sips16_7_280
    Peng, Ning; Chai, Liyuan; Min, Xiao Bo; Liu, Hui;

3rd Intl. Symp. on Sustainable Secondary Battery Manufacturing and Recycling
  • Understanding The Anomalously High Capacity Of Electrode Materials For Li-Ion Batteries(Plenary), sips16_14_487
    Yoon, Won Sub;
  • Cathode Materials With High Sulfur Loading For Lithium Sulfur Battery(Keynote), sips16_14_405
    Li, Guoran; Gao, Xueping; Zhang, Ze;
  • Ion Assisted Motion Conduction In Na Batteries(Invited), sips16_14_349
    Maranas, Janna;
  • Optimum Content Of Vulcan 72 For Negative Plate Of VRLA Under HRPSoC Duty, sips16_14_391
    Wang, Junxiong; Yang, Jiakuan; Hu, Yuchen; Li, Mingyang; Yu, Wenhao;
  • Reversible Solid Oxide Fuel Cells: Present Status And Potential Applications(Keynote), sips16_14_420
    Aravind, Pv;
  • Encapsulate Sulfur In Multilateral Graphene Nanosheets For High-Areal-Capacity Lithium Sulfur Batteries, sips16_14_431
    Ye, Yusheng; Qian, Ji; Chen, Renjie; Wu, Feng;
  • Leaching And Recycling Of Depleted Lead-Acid Battery Paste. A Hydrometallurgical Route To Generating Nanostructured Leady Oxide, sips16_14_484
    Liu, Robert;
  • Preparation Of High Purity Lead Oxide From Spent Lead Paste, sips16_14_392
    Yu, Wenhao; Yang, Jiakuan; Hu, Yuchen; Li, Mingyang; Wang, Junxiong;
  • Recovery Of Valuable Metals From Spent Lithium Ion Batteries With Organic Acid Leaching, sips16_14_433
    Xue, Qing; Zhang, Xiaoxiao; Li, Li; Wu, Feng; Chen, Renjie;
  • The Nano-Scale Design Of Cathode And Interlayer For Advanced Lithium-Sulfur Batteries, sips16_14_432
    Zhao, Teng; Kumar, Vasant;
  • Recycling Of Lead Acid Battery Paste For Producing Nanostructured Materials, sips16_14_481
    He, Xiong; Kumar, Vasant; Yang, Jiakuan;
  • Unzipped Carbon Nanotubes Via Koh Activation For Energy Storage Devices, sips16_14_492
    Roh, Kwang Chul; Han, Joah;
  • The Novel Rechargeable Aluminium-Ion Batteries(Keynote), sips16_14_397
    Jiao, Shuqiang; Wang, Shuai; Lei, Haiping; Wang, Junxiang;
  • High Performance Li-I2 Battery Based On Ultrafast Pseudo-Capacitance At Nitrogen Doped Carbon Interlayer(Keynote), sips16_14_503
    Lai, Chao;
  • Overview On Promising Energy Storage Devices With Chemistry Beyond Lithium Ion Batteries, sips16_14_288
    Capiglia, Claudio;
  • High Specific Energy Lithium-Sulfur Batteries Based On Advanced Materials(Keynote), sips16_14_504
    Chen, Renjie;
  • A Clean Future By Electron: Critical Materials For Electrochemical Energy Systems, sips16_14_486
    Liu, Yingjun; Kumar, Vasant;
  • Batteries Located In A New Energy Paradigm(Plenary), sips16_14_364
    Kumar, Vasant;
  • Graphene Based Electrode Materials For Energy Storage Applications, sips16_14_393
    Kim, Hyun Kyung;
  • Rational Design Of Electrode Scaffolds And Diffusion Barriers For Lithium-Sulfur Batteries, sips16_14_488
    Xi, Kai; Kumar, Vasant; Zhao, Teng;

5th Intl. Symp. on Environmental, Health, Policy, Legal, Management and Social Issues Related to Metals, Materials and Mineral Processing
  • Solidification/Stabilization Of Arsenic Bearing Gypsum Sludge Using Portland Cement: Effect Of Precalcination(Poster), sips16_10_264
    Zhu, Xing;
  • Evaluation Of A Newly Synthesized Ligand As Peptide Radionuclide Therapy On Neuro-endocrine Tumor, sips16_10_426
    Choi, Sunju;

3rd Intl. Symp. on Sustainable Mining Operations
  • Influences Of Additions Of The Slag From Base Metals Smelting On Strengths Of Cemented Paste Backfill Of Mill Tailings, sips16_4_161FS
    Yang, Qixing; Jia, Qi; Guo, Lijie; Knutsson, Sven; Xue, Peng; Liu, Guiqun; Jiang, Liang;
  • Combination Of Minerals Transportation With Their Enrichment In Underground Conditions As A Way Of Solving Environmental Problems Of Mining, sips16_4_193
    Brodt, Alexander;
  • Analysis The Nox Emission Reduction Cost Of Cement Production In China By Using The Marginal Cost Function, sips16_4_78FS
    Li, Xiaoqiong;
  • In-line Analyses Of Geology And Process Parameters For Mine And Processing Plant Integration, sips16_4_418
    Hill, Eddy; Tordoff, Benjamin;
  • Stability Of Slopes Of The Surface Coal Mines Using Different Methods, sips16_4_263
    Huseini, Idaver;