Editors:F. Kongoli, M. Pech-Canul, A. Kalemtas, H. Werheit
Publisher:Flogen Star OUTREACH
Publication Year:2015
Pages:300 pages
Summit Plenaries
  • Role Of Science On Sustainability: Diagnostic And Strongly Remedial, sips15_575, Kongoli, Florian
  • Challenges In Materials Science And Engineering, sips15_568, Shechtman, Dan, 2011 Nobel Prize Winner
  • Reflections On Sustainability, sips15_570, Prescott, John
  • Alternative Power Generation Infrastructure Master Plan For Turkey, sips15_566FS, Turna, Tamer
  • Sustainable Mining: Is This An Oxymoron?, sips15_551, Veiga, Marcello
  • Zr-catalyzed Asymmetric Carboalumination Of Alkene (zaca) For Highly Selective Syntheses Of Various Fine Organic Compounds, sips15_569, Negishi, Ei Ichi, 2010 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry
  • New Sciences For A New Era, sips15_518, Santilli, Ruggero
  • The Next Battery Revolution - Thoughts For A Sustainable Paradigm, sips15_576, Kumar, Vasant
  • Blast Furnace Ironmaking In Europe, sips15_540, Noldin, Jose Henrique
  • From Mining To Metallurgy. A Brazilian Overview, sips15_565, D'Abreu, Jose
  • The Role Of Critical Materials Recycling In Energy Sustainability, sips15_476FS, Mishra, Brajendra
  • Self-propagating High-temperature Synthesis Of Advanced Materials, sips15_456, Sonmez, Seref
  • The Science Of Surfaces: From Atoms And Electrons To Money Savings, sips15_523, Dubois, Jean Marie
  • Energy Choices And Consequences, sips15_535, Dodds, Harold
  • Perspectives On The Role Of New Materials In Sustainable Development, sips15_537, Marquis, Fernand
3rd Intl. Symp. on Quasi-crystals, Metallic Alloys, Composites, Ceramics and Nano Materials
  • Tungsten Carbide Nano Powder Obtained By Mechanical Alloying In High Energy Mill, sips15_8_227FS
    Stanciu, Victor Ioan; Vitry, Veronique; Delaunois, Fabienne;
  • Structural Insights At The Atomic Level Of Important Materials: Al And Mn As Special Examples In Honor Of D. Shechtman (Keynote), sips15_8_308FS
    Heyrovska, Raji;
  • Ammonium Jarosite Characteristics And Its Utilization Options, sips15_8_333
    Kerolli-Mustafa, Mihone; Djokic, Jelena; Djikic, Aleksander;
  • Peculiarities Of The Corrosion Properties And Magnetic Characteristics Of Stainless Steels (Poster), sips15_8_125FS
    Yanushkevich, Kazimir; Demidenko, Olga; Popescu, Ana Maria Julieta; Constantin, Virgil; Neacsu, Elena Ionela; Donath, Cristina;
  • Peculiarities Of The Specific Magnetization Changing Of 12X18H9 And 12X18H9T Stainless Steels In The 80-1100 K Temperature Range (Poster), sips15_8_126FS
    Yanushkevich, Kazimir; Lukhvich, Alexander; Sharando, Vladimir; Shukevich, Anatoly; Demidenko, Olga;
  • High-temperature Oxidation Of Eutectic Alloy Nb-Si, Doped With Yttrium (Poster), sips15_8_162FS
    Upolovnikova, Alena; Chumarev, Vladimir; Sel'menskikh, Natalia; Leontiev, Leopold;
  • Metallic-covalent Bonding Conversion And Thermoelectric Properties Of Al-based Icosahedral Quasicrystals And Approximants, sips15_8_205
    Kimura, Kaoru;
  • Deoxidation Of Molten Titanium By Calcium Treatment (Poster), sips15_8_304
    Moon, Byungmoon; Seo, Jong Hyun; Jung, Hyun Do;
  • Structure Properties After Thermal Annealing Of Al-rich Alloy Thin Films (Poster), sips15_8_311
    Majda, Mokhtari;
  • Phase Relations Investigation On The Ln2O3-BaO (Ln=La, Nd, Sm) Binary Systems, sips15_8_66
    Gong, Weiping;

2nd Intl. Symp. on Synthesis and Properties of Nanomaterials for Future Energy Demands
  • Development Of Nano-powders By Electrolysis, sips15_16_257FS
    Mery, Mickael; Guzzo, Caitlin M.; Masset, Patrick;
  • Preparation Of Sn On Graphene-based Composites As Anode Materials For Lithium-ion Batteries, sips15_16_441
    Jarulertwathana, Benjaporn; Sarakonsri, Thapanee;
  • Fabrication Of Novel Nano Ag-TiOx Composite By Sustainable Redox Process, sips15_16_519
    Ullah, Najeeb;
  • Nanoporous Materials Design For Next-generation Lithium Batteries, sips15_16_520
    Archer, Lynden;

3rd Intl. Symp. on Composite, Ceramic and Nano Materials Processing, Characterization and Applications
  • Electrochemical Properties Of Sn-Cu-C Core-shell Nanocomposite For Lithium Ion Batteries, sips15_18_392FS
    Algul, Hasan; Tokur, Mahmud; Uysal, Mehmet; Cetinkaya, Tugrul; Alp, Ahmet; Akbulut, Hatem;
  • Synthesis And Characterization Of Boron Carbide Thin Films (Invited), sips15_18_485
    Tavsanoglu, Tolga; Jeandin, Michel; Addemir, Okan;
  • Elastic And Spectroscopic Properties Of B4C Up To 70 GPA: Emphasis On The Equation Of State And Distortional Transition(s), sips15_18_276
    Manghnani, Murli;
  • Development Of Production Technology Of Amorphous-nanocrystalline Composites Based On Nanocarbon By Method Of Their Sintering Under High Pressure, sips15_18_9FS
    Lezhnev, Sergey; Kuis, Dmitry; Okatova, Galina; Svidunovich, Nikolay; Urbanovich, Vladimir; Rudak, Pavel; Tobolich, Ivan; Tolkushkin, Andrey;
  • Structural Defects: Essential Elements Of Icosahedral Boron-rich Solids (Plenary), sips15_18_161FS
    Werheit, Helmut;
  • Unique Phase Stability Trend Of Elemental Boron And Boron Carbide (Invited), sips15_18_332
    Ogitsu, Tadashi;
  • Phase Transition And Isotope-induced Phonon Softening In natB4.3C Boron Carbide At Moderate Temperatures (Poster), sips15_18_281FS
    Werheit, Helmut; Hoffmann, Stefan; Gerlach, Guido; Leithe-jasper, Andreas; Tanaka, Takao;
  • Electronic Structure And Physical Properties Of Some Boron-rich Ternary Compounds (Invited), sips15_18_417
    Halet, Jean Francois;
  • Building A Framework For Understanding Amorphous Hydrogenated Boron Carbide As A Novel Semi-insulating Electronic Material (Invited), sips15_18_343
    Paquette, Michelle M.; Nordell, Bradley J.; Keck, Christopher L.; Nguyen, Thuong D.; Hurley, Justin D.; Bhattarai, Gyanendra; Caruso, Anthony N.; Rulis, Paul; Purohit, Sudhaunshu; Alnafisah, Abrar; Oyler, Nathan A.; Lanford, William A.;
  • Synthesis And Characterization Of Boron Nitride Powders Produced Under Concentrated Light, sips15_18_196FS
    Sartinska, Lina; Voynich, Yeugen; Frolov, Gennadiy; Koval, Olexander; Timofeeva, Izabella; Kasumov, Anatoly; Eren, Tarik; Altay, Esra; Jastrebski, Cesarius; Tinkov, Vitaly;
  • Sintering And Dielectric Properties Of Zinc Titanate Ceramics, sips15_18_295
    Indrakanti, Sastry;
  • Fabrication Of C/C Composite By Using Activated Carbon Solid Inert Carburizing Atmosphere, sips15_18_400
    Yesilyurt, Hasan; Kelestemur, M Halidun; Turedi, Enbiya;
  • Multilayer Thermal Neutron Detectors Based On Boron Nitride Ceramics, sips15_18_65
    Roth, Michael;
  • Fabrication Of Nanocrystalline Boron Carbide Powder, sips15_18_148
    Antadze, Marina; Batsikadze, Tamazi; Kandelaki, Aleksandre; Kharati, Ramaz; Margiev, Boris; Mikeladze, Archil; Tsagareishvili, Otari;
  • Effect Of Colemanite On Thermal And Mineralogical Properties Of Traditional Mullite/zirconia Composite (Poster), sips15_18_10
    Aydin, Hediye; Goren, Remzi;
  • The Role Of Non-stoichiometry Of Boron And Boron-rich Solids, sips15_18_286
    Shirai, Koun;
  • A Transdisciplinary Research For Boron Icosahedral Crystals And Aluminum-based Icosahedral Quasicrystals, sips15_18_291
    Kimura, Kaoru;
  • Thermodynamic Analysis Of The Ti-B-O-C System And Preparation Of The Mixture Of Titanium Boride And Titanium Carbide Powders, sips15_18_307FS
    Ukleba, Ketevan; Tsikaridze, Zurab; Bagdavadze, Jondo; Gabunia, Domenti;
  • Effect Of Substrate On Optical Properties Of ZnO-Sr Nanostructures Grown By Spray Pyrolysis (Poster), sips15_18_317
    Majda, Mokhtari;
  • Sustainable Development Of Processes And Materials Using The New Central Paradigm Of Materials Science And Engineering (Keynote), sips15_18_336
    Pech-canul, Martin; Kongoli, Florian;
  • Effect Of Boric Acid On Dielectric Properties Of Porcelain Insulator (Poster), sips15_18_386FS
    Aydin, Tuna; Kara, Alpagut;
  • Effect Of Substrate On Optical And Electrical Properties Of ZnO Nanostructures Grown By Spray Pyrolysis (Poster), sips15_18_388
    Majda, Mokhtari; Aicha, Ziouche;
  • Electrochemical Performance Of Sn-Ni/MWCNT Nanocomposite Electrodes Prepared By Pulse Electrodeposition For Li Ion Battery (Poster), sips15_18_394FS
    Uysal, Mehmet; Cetinkaya, Tugrul; Gul, Harun; Alaf, Mirac; Alp, Ahmet; Akbulut, Hatem;
  • Oxidation Study Of Sodium Borate Bonded SiC-Si3N4 Composites, sips15_18_397
    Topates, Gulsum; Kalemtas, Ayse;
  • Pyramid Like Nanostructured Tin Anodes For Li-ion Batteries (Poster), sips15_18_401FS
    Cetinkaya, Tugrul; Uysal, Mehmet; Alp, Ahmet; Akbulut, Hatem;
  • Effect Of Post-rolling Process On The Mechanical And Micro-structural Properties Of Al/SiCP Metal Matrix Composites Produced By Powder Metallurgy (Poster), sips15_18_411
    Halis, Serdar; Karaoglu, Serdar; Cetin, Buora Yioit; Turkmenoglu (satilmis), Hasan;
  • The Investigation Of The Microhardnes, Wear And Wetting Properties Of Ni, Ni/SiO2 And Ni/Al2O3 Composite Coatings Produced By Electroplating Method (Poster), sips15_18_419FS
    Taskin, Ebru; Kartal, Muhammet; Kuday, Bahadyr; Uysal, Mehmet; Yontem, Orcun; Alp, Ahmet;
  • Comparison Of Ca-borate And Mg-sulfate Mineralizators On The Color Intensity Of Pink Brown Glazes (Poster), sips15_18_431FS
    Pekkan, Keriman; Tasci, Eda; Gun, Yalcin;
  • Hierarchical Porous Mullite Ceramic Fabrication Via Polymeric Sponge Method, sips15_18_439
    Kalemtas, Ayse;

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