Editors:F. Kongoli, P. Kozlov, L. Tsymbulov, A. Fedorov, V. Shumskiy
Publisher:Flogen Star OUTREACH
Publication Year:2015
Pages:310 pages
Summit Plenaries
  • Role Of Science On Sustainability: Diagnostic And Strongly Remedial, sips15_575, Kongoli, Florian
  • Challenges In Materials Science And Engineering, sips15_568, Shechtman, Dan, 2011 Nobel Prize Winner
  • Reflections On Sustainability, sips15_570, Prescott, John
  • Alternative Power Generation Infrastructure Master Plan For Turkey, sips15_566FS, Turna, Tamer
  • Sustainable Mining: Is This An Oxymoron?, sips15_551, Veiga, Marcello
  • Zr-catalyzed Asymmetric Carboalumination Of Alkene (zaca) For Highly Selective Syntheses Of Various Fine Organic Compounds, sips15_569, Negishi, Ei Ichi, 2010 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry
  • New Sciences For A New Era, sips15_518, Santilli, Ruggero
  • The Next Battery Revolution - Thoughts For A Sustainable Paradigm, sips15_576, Kumar, Vasant
  • Blast Furnace Ironmaking In Europe, sips15_540, Noldin, Jose Henrique
  • From Mining To Metallurgy. A Brazilian Overview, sips15_565, D'Abreu, Jose
  • The Role Of Critical Materials Recycling In Energy Sustainability, sips15_476FS, Mishra, Brajendra
  • Self-propagating High-temperature Synthesis Of Advanced Materials, sips15_456, Sonmez, Seref
  • The Science Of Surfaces: From Atoms And Electrons To Money Savings, sips15_523, Dubois, Jean Marie
  • Energy Choices And Consequences, sips15_535, Dodds, Harold
  • Perspectives On The Role Of New Materials In Sustainable Development, sips15_537, Marquis, Fernand
Vanyukov International Symposium
  • Editor Foreword : Vanyukov International Symposium
  • Kivcet Feed Flexibility: 28 Years Of Experience At Portovesme (Plenary), sips15_6_78FS
    Longu, Danilo; Galleri, Antonio;
  • Control Of Operating Parameters In Kivcet Furnace (Keynote), sips15_6_546
    Kongoli, Florian; Longu, Danilo;
  • Interconnection Of Technical Organization And Technological Capabilities In Modern Lead Smelting Processes (Plenary), sips15_6_75FS
    Shumskiy, Viktor;
  • Teck's Kivcet Furnace Integrity - 18 Year Review (Plenary), sips15_6_497FS
    Rioux, Danny; Aiken, Gord; Reynolds, Dave; Verhelst, Dominic;
  • Commissioning And First Operation Experience Of Kivcet Plants In China (Invited), sips15_6_127FS
    Pescetelli, Alessandro; Cois, Giuliano; Sanna, Dario;
  • Applications Of Kivcet Process For Pb Smelting In China (Invited), sips15_6_173FS
    Leru, Zhang;
  • Main Developments Of The Engineering Of Kivcet Furnace (Invited), sips15_6_92FS
    Carollo, Matteo; Carminati, Antonio;
  • First Application Of The Kivcet Process In China (Invited), sips15_6_51FS
    Li, Yangren; Jianxing, Jiang; Hui, Xiao; Guocheng, Peng;
  • Smelting Of Gold-bearing Raw Materials As Solution For Improvement Of Lead Production Profitability (Plenary), sips15_6_76FS
    Shumskiy, Viktor; Startsev, Igor; Ushakov, Nikolay; Zharmenov, Abdurassul;
  • Main Developments of Kivcet Furnace Engineering, sips15_6_424
    Carminati, Antonio;
  • Structure Of Mattes Resulting From The Autogenous Smelting Of Copper And Zinc Concentrates In Vanyukov's Furnace, sips15_6_420FS
    Selivanov, Evgeny; Gulyaeva, Roza; Sel'menskikh, Natalia; Belyaev, Vyacheslav;
  • Formation Of Accretions In Waelz Kilns As The Result Of Various Oxidised Feed Material Recycling (Plenary), sips15_6_36FS
    Kozlov, Pavel; Zatonsky, A.; Panshin, A.; Dyubanov, V.;
  • Vaniukov Smelting: Creation And Development Of The Process At Norilsk Nickel' Operations, sips15_6_154FS
    Tsymbulov, Leonid; Kniazev, Michael; Eroshevich, Srgey; Tozik, Victor; Fomichev, Vladimir; Lazarev, Vladimir;
  • Method Of Copper-nickel Matte Continuous Converting In Vaniukov Furnace To Blister Copper, Dump Slag And German Silver, A Marketable Copper-nickel Alloy, sips15_6_153FS
    Tsymbulov, Leonid; Kniazev, Michael; Tozik, Victor; Pigarev, Sergei; Fomichev, Vladimir; Lazarev, Vladimir;
  • From Waste Heat Recovery To Power Generation, sips15_6_536
    Koster, Stefan;
  • Experimental Investigation And Modelling Of Microstructure And Phase Composition Of Copper Smelting Slags, sips15_6_195FS
    Starodub, Konstantin; Kondratiev, Alex; Cheverikin, Vladimir; Khvan, Alexandra; Dinsdale, Alan; Saynazarov, Abdukahar;
  • Temperature Effect On Copper Losses To Slag With Colemanite Addition At Fixed Oxygen Partial Pressure, sips15_6_157FS
    Geveci, Ahmet; Rusen, Aydin; Topkaya, Yavuz Ali;
  • Vanyukov Process For Secondary Lead Materials And Semi-products Processing, sips15_6_149
    Fedorov, Aleksandr; Dityatovskiy, Leonid; Dosmukhamedov, Nurlan; Komkov, Alexey;
  • Processing Of Lead Sulfide Concentrates In Vanyukov Furnaces, sips15_6_146
    Fedorov, Aleksandr; Komkov, Alexey; Dityatovskiy, Leonid;
  • Development And Manufacturing Application Of Vanyukov Process Non-ferrous Metals, sips15_6_142
    Fedorov, Aleksandr;
  • The Main Results Of Research And Industrial Development Process Vanyukov In Kazakhstan, sips15_6_77FS
    Kozhakhmetov, Sultanbek; Kvyatkovskiy, Sergey;
  • Titanium Magnetite Concentrates Reduction Smelting Technology, sips15_6_38FS
    Naimanbayev, Madali; Jurkanov, J. K.; Abisheva, A. E.; Baltabekova, Zh. A.;
  • Experience And Perspective Of Vanyukov Technology Application For Complex Processing Of Sulphide And Oxide Materials, sips15_6_144
    Komkov, Alexey;
  • Space Diagrams For Metals' And Slags' Systems For Self-propagating High Temperature Synthesis Processes, sips15_6_131
    Lutsyk, Vasily; Zyryanov, Alexandr; Nasrulin, Edward; Parfenova, Maria;
  • Alumina Production Technologies - Current Status And Prospective Trends (Plenary), sips15_6_507
    Panov, Andrey; Senyuta, Alexander;
  • Vanyukov Process For Laterite Ore Processing, sips15_6_155
    Fedorov, Aleksandr; Komkov, Alexey; Dityatovskiy, Leonid;
  • Cold Modeling And Hydrodynamic Analysis Of Top-submerged Lance Furnace Operation (Poster), sips15_6_272
    Kolmachikhin, Boris; Zhukov, Vladimir;
  • Trof-converter Operation Optimization Using Cold And Numerical Simulation (Poster), sips15_6_278
    Ageev, Nikifor; Menshikov, Vikenty;
  • Development Of Vanyukov Process (bath Smelting) At Balkhash Smelter, sips15_6_356
    Kamirdinov, Gulam; Ospanov, Erzhan;

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