Volume 4: MEECH / MINING

Editors:F. Kongoli, M.M. Veiga, C. Anderson
Publisher:Flogen Star OUTREACH
Publication Year:2015
Pages:275 pages
Summit Plenaries
  • Role Of Science On Sustainability: Diagnostic And Strongly Remedial, sips15_575, Kongoli, Florian
  • Challenges In Materials Science And Engineering, sips15_568, Shechtman, Dan, 2011 Nobel Prize Winner
  • Reflections On Sustainability, sips15_570, Prescott, John
  • Alternative Power Generation Infrastructure Master Plan For Turkey, sips15_566FS, Turna, Tamer
  • Sustainable Mining: Is This An Oxymoron?, sips15_551, Veiga, Marcello
  • Zr-catalyzed Asymmetric Carboalumination Of Alkene (zaca) For Highly Selective Syntheses Of Various Fine Organic Compounds, sips15_569, Negishi, Ei Ichi, 2010 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry
  • New Sciences For A New Era, sips15_518, Santilli, Ruggero
  • The Next Battery Revolution - Thoughts For A Sustainable Paradigm, sips15_576, Kumar, Vasant
  • Blast Furnace Ironmaking In Europe, sips15_540, Noldin, Jose Henrique
  • From Mining To Metallurgy. A Brazilian Overview, sips15_565, D'Abreu, Jose
  • The Role Of Critical Materials Recycling In Energy Sustainability, sips15_476FS, Mishra, Brajendra
  • Self-propagating High-temperature Synthesis Of Advanced Materials, sips15_456, Sonmez, Seref
  • The Science Of Surfaces: From Atoms And Electrons To Money Savings, sips15_523, Dubois, Jean Marie
  • Energy Choices And Consequences, sips15_535, Dodds, Harold
  • Perspectives On The Role Of New Materials In Sustainable Development, sips15_537, Marquis, Fernand
Meech International Symposium
  • Editor Foreword : Meech International Symposium
  • Economic Development Models In Mining-affected Communities, sips15_4_474
    Mcfaul, Suzette; Xavier, Andre; Nava, Javier; Ledezma, Maria Teresa;
  • Local Perceptions Of Large Versus Smaill-scale Mining: Three Cases From The Developing World, sips15_4_451
    Botta, Azaria; Toledo Orozco, Zarai; Thomson, Garth;
  • Trends In African Mineral Policy Reforms: Implications For Sustainable Mining At All Scales, sips15_4_525
    Hinton, Jennifer;
  • Social Risk In The Extractives Sector: Do Miners Need New Skills To Be Successful?, sips15_4_471
    Fraser, Jocelyn; Xavier, Andre;
  • The Management Of Socio-political Risk Through Corporate Transitions At Mining Projects, sips15_4_501
    Thomson, Garth;
  • Review Of Canadian Indigenous Mining Policy Frameworks, sips15_4_524FS
    Zimmerling, Stephanie;
  • Mine Closure Planning Of The New Afton Mine With The Stk'emlupsemc Te Secwepemc Nation, sips15_4_472
    Collins, Benjamin; Van Zyl, Dirk;
  • Sustainable Development In Football: A Strategy Of The Fluminense Football Club, sips15_4_405FS
    Rodrigues F., Luiz Carlos; Veiga, Marcello;
  • Women And Mine Development: Capturing Vulnerability Using Open Data And GIS, sips15_4_506
    Stockwell, Alison;
  • Estelle Levin Limited - ASM: Our Work, Approach And Vision, sips15_4_481
    Rolfe, Adam;
  • Co-existence Of Large-scale Gold Mining With Artisanal Gold Miners, sips15_4_489
    Selder, Jeffrey; Veiga, Marcello;
  • Feasibility Study For A Fairtrade Gold Centre Of Excellence Programme, sips15_4_427FS
    Stocklin Weinberg, Ruby; Veiga, Marcello; Stockwell, Alison;
  • From Minamata To Mitigation: Exploring Geographically Representative Monitoring Of Lead And Mercury In Artisanal Gold Mining Communities Of Northern Nigeria, sips15_4_502
    Dales, Kirsten; Ranieri, Bernardo; Veiga, Marcello;
  • Perceptions Of Small And Large Scale Mining In Tambogrande, Piura, Peru, sips15_4_445
    Toledo Orozco, Zarai; Veiga, Marcello;
  • ASGM In West Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia: How Fast The Use Of Mercury Affect The Environment, sips15_4_515
    Krisnayanti, Baiq Dewi; Anderson, Christopher;
  • The Strategic Plan For INCAM: The Indonesian Centre For Artisanal Mining, sips15_4_544
    Nurjaman, Dadan; Prabangkara, Yudi; Anderson, Christopher; Stocklin Weinberg, Ruby; Haris, Abdul;
  • Mercury And Heavy Metal Origin And Contamination Of The Puyango-tumbes River System, Ecuador, sips15_4_450
    Kaplan, Robert; Veiga, Marcello; Gonzalez-mueller, Carolina; Velasquez-lopez, Colon; Granda, Luis; Leonor Rivera, Leonaor;
  • Heavy Metal Contamination Of Agricultural Products And Human Exposure Via Food Intake In The Artisanal Gold Mining Province Of Portovelo & Zaruma, El Oro State, South Ecuador, sips15_4_503
    Ranieri, Bernardo; Dales, Kirsten; Veiga, Marcello;
  • Mine Closure Planning And Remediation For Mercury Contaminated Artisanal Mine Sites In Ecuador, sips15_4_449
    Nichols, Brandon; Veiga, Marcello;
  • Mercury Use In Artisanal Mining In Antioquia, Colombia: An Anthropological Perspective, sips15_4_478
    Robertson, Thomas;
  • Gold Recovery Study From A Small Scale Mine Tailings From Costa Rica, sips15_4_448FS
    Goncalves, Adriana; Avelar, B.; Jackson, R.; Ramos, D.; Menezes, S.; Veiga, Marcello;
  • An Electronic Nose Based On Fuzzy Logic To The Environmental Monitoring Of The Industrial Plants, sips15_4_543
    Villecco, Francesco; Zarra, Tiziano; Naddeo, Vincenzo;
  • Low-tech, Low Cost Water Solutions: How To Reach The Last 10% Who Do Not Have Access To Clean Water?, sips15_4_410
    Nichols, Brandon; Wagoner, Kaira; Pillers, Robert; Xavier, Andre;
  • An Outstanding Industrial Symbiosis Opportunity: Marble Quarrying-thermal Power Production In Muola, Turkey, sips15_4_486
    Altun, Naci Emre;
  • Process Analysis And Energy Efficiency Improvement On Portland Limestone Cement Grinding Circuit, sips15_4_473FS
    Farzanegan, Akbar; Aguero Starkman, Sixto; Meech, John; Veiga, Marcello;
  • Geo-hydrological Evaluation Of Mining Clusters In Western Kachchh, Gujarat, India, sips15_4_378FS
    Anjan Kumar Prusty, B.; V, Vijay Kumar;
  • The Music Of Blasting, sips15_4_359FS
    Seccatore, Jacopo; Cardu, Marilena; Bettencourt, Jorge;
  • Metals, Living Plants And Sustainable Mining: Phytoextraction In The 21st Century (Plenary), sips15_4_418
    Anderson, Christopher;
  • Phytoremediation Of Mercury-contaminated Mine Sites: An Evaluation Of Processes And Their Associated Risks, sips15_4_462FS
    Moreno, Fabio; Anderson, Christopher; Stuart, Robert; Robinson, Brett; Meech, John;
  • Green Technologies For Elemental Recovery And Sustainability, sips15_4_513
    Hunt, Andrew; Parker, Helen; Rylott, Liz; Munoz Garcia, Andrea; Budarin, Vitaliy; Bruce, Neil; Clark, James;
  • Resource Assessment For Phytomining Of Platinum Group Metals, sips15_4_367FS
    Anderson, Christopher; Shi, Peipei; Veiga, Marcello; Meech, John;
  • Environmental Impacts Caused By Small Mining In The Municipality Of Picui, Paraiba, Brazil (Poster), sips15_4_240
    Souza, Francisco;
  • The Behavior Of Disperse Gold In The Rock Pores (Poster), sips15_4_355
    Fedorov, Sergey; Matushkina, Anna; Amdur, Alexei;

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