Editors:F. Kongoli, J.H. Noldin, M.B. Mourao, A.P. Tschiptschin, J.C. D'Abreu
Publisher:Flogen Star OUTREACH
Publication Year:2015
Pages:550 pages
Summit Plenaries
  • Role Of Science On Sustainability: Diagnostic And Strongly Remedial, sips15_575, Kongoli, Florian
  • Challenges In Materials Science And Engineering, sips15_568, Shechtman, Dan, 2011 Nobel Prize Winner
  • Reflections On Sustainability, sips15_570, Prescott, John
  • Alternative Power Generation Infrastructure Master Plan For Turkey, sips15_566FS, Turna, Tamer
  • Sustainable Mining: Is This An Oxymoron?, sips15_551, Veiga, Marcello
  • Zr-catalyzed Asymmetric Carboalumination Of Alkene (zaca) For Highly Selective Syntheses Of Various Fine Organic Compounds, sips15_569, Negishi, Ei Ichi, 2010 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry
  • New Sciences For A New Era, sips15_518, Santilli, Ruggero
  • The Next Battery Revolution - Thoughts For A Sustainable Paradigm, sips15_576, Kumar, Vasant
  • Blast Furnace Ironmaking In Europe, sips15_540, Noldin, Jose Henrique
  • From Mining To Metallurgy. A Brazilian Overview, sips15_565, D'Abreu, Jose
  • The Role Of Critical Materials Recycling In Energy Sustainability, sips15_476FS, Mishra, Brajendra
  • Self-propagating High-temperature Synthesis Of Advanced Materials, sips15_456, Sonmez, Seref
  • The Science Of Surfaces: From Atoms And Electrons To Money Savings, sips15_523, Dubois, Jean Marie
  • Energy Choices And Consequences, sips15_535, Dodds, Harold
  • Perspectives On The Role Of New Materials In Sustainable Development, sips15_537, Marquis, Fernand
Takano International Symposium
  • Editor Foreword : Takano International Symposium
  • Some Reflections And Challenges For Sustainability Of Pyrometalurgical Industry (Plenary), sips15_3_480FS
    Takano, Cyro; Mourao, Marcelo;
  • Corrosion And Sustainability (Plenary), sips15_3_375FS
    Wolynec, Stephan;
  • Pretreatment Of Jaccurici Ore From Ferbasa-brazil: Effect On Energy Consumption, sips15_3_327FS
    Ringdalen, Eli; Rocha, Marcelo; Figueiredo, Paulo; Tangstad, Merete;
  • Self-reduction The Ultimate Optimization Of Iron Smelting (Plenary), sips15_3_167FS
    Contrucci, Marcos; Mourao, Marcelo; D'Abreu, Jose; Takano, Cyro; Allanore, Antoine;
  • Ore-based Metallics Overview: Update (Keynote), sips15_3_263FS
    Hassan, Alberto; Griscom, Frank;
  • Influence Of The Binder On The Mechanical Properties And On The Reduction Process Of The Chromite Self-reducing Pellets, sips15_3_72FS
    Takano, Cyro; Zambrano, Adolfo; Mourao, Marcelo; Tagusagawa, Solon; Nogueira, Alberto;
  • Fugitive Dust Measurements In The Metallurgical Industry, sips15_3_20FS
    Graadahl, Svend; Wittgens, Bernd; Fardal, Helge; Kero, Ida;
  • Fume Formation From Liquid Ferromanganese, sips15_3_44FS
    Kero, Ida; Slizovskiy, Dmitry; Tranell, Gabriella; Wittgens, Bernd;
  • Application And Results Of OXIPYR® Diluted Combustion In Copper Furnaces, sips15_3_345FS
    Potesser, Michael; Spoljaric, Davor; Rauch, Johannes; Demuth, Martin;
  • Challenges In Transporting The Off-gases From The Silicon Process, sips15_3_70FS
    Ksiazek, Michal; Kero, Ida; Wittgens, Bernd;
  • Evaluation Of Heat Treated Coal-iron Ore Briquettes, sips15_3_137FS
    Narita, Cesar Yuji; Mourao, Marcelo; Takano, Cyro; Cardona, Lina;
  • Evaluation Of The Compression Strength And CO2 Reactivity Of Coal-charcoal Composite Briquettes, sips15_3_338FS
    Cardona, Lina; Mourao, Marcelo; Narita, Cesar Yuji; Takano, Cyro;
  • Development Of Gas Fuel Injection Technology In Iron Ore Sintering Process, sips15_3_112FS
    Iwami, Yuji; Iwase, Kazumi; Hirosawa, Toshiyuki; Yamamoto, Tetsuya; Oyama, Nobuyuki; Matsuno, Hidetoshi;
  • Gaseous Reduction Behavior Of Iron Ore Sinter And Kinetic Analysis In Consideration Of Calcium Ferrite Reaction Process (Plenary), sips15_3_280FS
    Usui, Tateo; Ohmi, Munekazu; Kawabata, Hirotoshi; Naito, Masaaki; Ono, Hideki; Nakamuro, Yasuhiro; Nishi, Masahiro; Assis, Paulo;
  • A New Design For The Iron Ore Sintering Process Based On Mathematical Modeling, sips15_3_116FS
    De Castro, Jose Adilson; De Campos, Marcos; Pinto Da Rocha, Elisa; Pereira, Jorge Luiz Goncalves;
  • Alternative Carbon Sources For Reduction (Keynote), sips15_3_414FS
    Ahmed, Hesham; Lotfian, Samira; Eltawil, Asmaa; Andersson, Anton; Bjorkman, Bo;
  • Direct Reduction Of Iron: A Review On Midrex And Hyl Patents, sips15_3_169FS
    Ribeiro, Tiago; Ferreira Neto, Joao Batista; Takano, Cyro; Poco, Joao;
  • Vacuum Treatment Of Ferrosilicon, sips15_3_69FS
    Safarian, Jafar; Tang, Kai; Hildal, Kjetil;
  • Simulation Of The Dysprosium Diffusion In NdFeB Magnets, sips15_3_120FS
    De Castro, Jose Adilson; De Campos, Marcos;
  • Metallic Neodymium Production, sips15_3_119
    De Castro, Jose Adilson; De Campos, Marcos;
  • Some Special Applications Of Carbothermic Self-reduction Of Iron Ore (Plenary), sips15_3_318FS
    Mourao, Marcelo; Takano, Cyro;
  • Rare-earths: From The Extraction To The Application, sips15_3_186FS
    De Campos, Marcos; De Castro, Jose Adilson;
  • Hysteresis Modeling Of NdFeB Magnets And Thin Films, sips15_3_187
    De Campos, Marcos; De Castro, Jose Adilson;
  • On The Induration Process Of Iron Ore Pellets Incorporating Biomass Coal, sips15_3_202
    Vitoretti, Flavia; Freitas, Maria Carolina; Hosken, Camila; De Castro, Jose Adilson; Gambarato, Bruno;
  • Phase Diagrams With Melt Immiscibility And the Fe-Cu-S System , sips15_3_121FS
    Lutsyk, Vasily; Vorob'eva, Vera; Zyryanov, Alexandr; Shodorova, Svetlana;
  • Simultaneous Metallization And DRI Carburization In DR Shaft Furnaces: A Sustainable Ironmaking Process (Plenary), sips15_3_358FS
    D'Abreu, Jose; Falero, Edelink; Otaviano, Mauricio;
  • Solidification Of Slags For Application In Cement, sips15_3_168FS
    Ribeiro, Tiago; Ferreira Neto, Joao Batista; Faria, Joao; Fredericci, Catia; Chotoli, Fabiano; Nunis, Andre; Ferraro, Bruno; Malynowskyj, Antonio; Quarcioni, Valdecir; Lotto, Andre;
  • Environmental Management And Recycling Of Spent Refractories: Past, Present And Future, sips15_3_303
    Lenz E Silva, Guilherme; G. De Sa, Rafael;
  • Reduction Of Zinc Ferrite Contained In Steelmaking Dusts By CO - CO2 Gas Mixtures, sips15_3_55FS
    Gomez-Marroquin, Mery Cecilia; D'Abreu, Jose; Filho, Raimundo Nonato Rodrigues; Falcon, Nilton Cardenas; Kohler, Helio;
  • Improvement Of Thermal Neutralization System Of Anode Gases Harmful Components Of Aluminium Production, sips15_3_79FS
    Storozhev, Yuriy; Peter, Polyakov; Smirnova, Irina;
  • Influence Of Gas Flow Distribution As An Approach To The Blast Furnace Hearth Phenomena (Keynote), sips15_3_80FS
    Hirano, Andre; Pinheiro Da Silva, Bruno; Fujihara, Fernando Kaoru;
  • Self-reducing Briquettes From Ironmaking Residues: Liquid And Solid Reduction, sips15_3_73
    D'Abreu, Jose;
  • The Influence Of The Mixing Step On The Iron Ore Agglomeration Process, sips15_3_200
    Pereira, Priscilla;
  • Control Of Layers Growth Kinetics In Fe-N, Fe-N-Cr And Fe-N-Cr-C Systems: Application To Nitriding Of Steel 32CrMoV13, sips15_3_465FS
    Lazhar, Torchane;
  • Non-traditional Pyrometallurgical Processes Applied To Metals, Slags And Concentrates, sips15_3_156FS
    Ferreira Neto, Joao Batista;
  • Improvement Of The Biomass Production Using Nanotechnology Based Materials, sips15_3_212
    Pencak, Vladimir;
  • Interaction Between Metal And Refractory In VIM - A New Approach, sips15_3_347FS
    Beneduce, Flavio;
  • Evaluation Of Energy Improvement Of Gases Generated In Charcoal Production By Microwave, sips15_3_393FS
    S. Morais, Anderson; Leal, Thales Eduardo; Oliveira, Tiago; Assis, Paulo; Daniel, Alessandra; Porto, Marco; Ilidio, Jaderson; Artilha, Renan; Silva, Lucas; Ribeiro, Kelly;
  • Recovery Of Metallic Iron From Liquid LD Steel Slag, sips15_3_229FS
    Lotto, Andre; Malynowskyj, Antonio; Ferreira Neto, Joao Batista; Ribeiro, Tiago; Faria, Joao; Fredericci, Catia; Chotoli, Fabiano; Nunis, Andre; Quarcioni, Valdecir;
  • Carbonization Behavior In The Production Of Fe-coke (Poster), sips15_3_111FS
    Flores, Bruno; Flores, Ismael; Guerrero, Adria; G. Borrego, Angeles; Diez, Maria Antonia; Osorio, Eduardo; Vilela, Antonio Cezar;
  • Charcoal As An Additive To Cokemaking: CO2 Reactivity Study (Poster), sips15_3_113FS
    Flores, Bruno; Flores, Ismael; Guerrero, Adria; Orellana, Daniel; Goncalves Pohlmann, Juliana; Barbieri, Claudia; G. Borrego, Angeles; Osorio, Eduardo; Vilela, Antonio Cezar;
  • Vanadium And Niobium Content Distribution Across The Welded Joint During Submerged Arc Welding Of Spiral Line Pipes (Poster), sips15_3_170
    Maksuti, Rrahim;
  • Simulation Of The Shaft Furnace Using A Partial Charge Of Self-reducing Pellets (Poster), sips15_3_188FS
    Pinto Da Rocha, Elisa; De Castro, Jose Adilson; De Campos, Marcos; Guilherme, Vagner Silva;
  • Self-reducing Briquettes From Steelmaking Mill Scale For Use In Electric Arc Furnace (Poster), sips15_3_210FS
    Buzin, Pedro; Bagatini, Mauri­cio; Flores, Bruno; Heck, Nestor; Osorio, Eduardo; Vilela, Antonio Cezar;
  • Extruded Briquettes (BREX) - 100% Charge For Small-scale Blast Furnace (industrial Experience), sips15_3_261FS
    Bizhanov, Aitber; Kurunov, Ivan;
  • On Performance Characteristics Of Kenyan Iron Ore For Iron Making, sips15_3_302FS
    Ndegwa, Arthur; Prakash, Swatantra;
  • Ball Burnishing Effect On Surface Layers Of The AISI / SAE 3115 Steel (Poster), sips15_3_390FS
    Wahiba, Taamallah; Hamid, Hamadache;
  • Improved Energy Efficiency Of Blast Furnace Process By Using Bio-agglomerate (Poster), sips15_3_415FS
    Ahmed, Hesham; Eltawil, Asmaa; Okvist, Lena Sundqvist; Bjorkman, Bo;

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