Editors:F. Kongoli, A.C. Silva, A.I. Arol, V. Kumar, K. Aifantis
Publisher:Flogen Star OUTREACH
Publication Year:2015
Pages:340 pages
Summit Plenaries
  • Role Of Science On Sustainability: Diagnostic And Strongly Remedial, sips15_575, Kongoli, Florian
  • Challenges In Materials Science And Engineering, sips15_568, Shechtman, Dan, 2011 Nobel Prize Winner
  • Reflections On Sustainability, sips15_570, Prescott, John
  • Alternative Power Generation Infrastructure Master Plan For Turkey, sips15_566FS, Turna, Tamer
  • Sustainable Mining: Is This An Oxymoron?, sips15_551, Veiga, Marcello
  • Zr-catalyzed Asymmetric Carboalumination Of Alkene (zaca) For Highly Selective Syntheses Of Various Fine Organic Compounds, sips15_569, Negishi, Ei Ichi, 2010 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry
  • New Sciences For A New Era, sips15_518, Santilli, Ruggero
  • The Next Battery Revolution - Thoughts For A Sustainable Paradigm, sips15_576, Kumar, Vasant
  • Blast Furnace Ironmaking In Europe, sips15_540, Noldin, Jose Henrique
  • From Mining To Metallurgy. A Brazilian Overview, sips15_565, D'Abreu, Jose
  • The Role Of Critical Materials Recycling In Energy Sustainability, sips15_476FS, Mishra, Brajendra
  • Self-propagating High-temperature Synthesis Of Advanced Materials, sips15_456, Sonmez, Seref
  • The Science Of Surfaces: From Atoms And Electrons To Money Savings, sips15_523, Dubois, Jean Marie
  • Energy Choices And Consequences, sips15_535, Dodds, Harold
  • Perspectives On The Role Of New Materials In Sustainable Development, sips15_537, Marquis, Fernand
2nd Intl. Symp. on Sustainable Mineral Processing: Principles, Technologies and Industrial Practice
  • Sustainable Mineral Processing Tailings Deposition (Plenary), sips15_5_574
    Silva, Andre Carlos; Silva, Elenice Maria Schons; Souza, Wellington Alves De;
  • Hematite Pulps Dispersion With Reagent Addition (Invited), sips15_5_247FS
    Alexandrino, Junia; Peres, Antonio; Silva, Elenice Maria Schons; Silva, Andre Carlos; Rodrigues, Otavia;
  • MgO Sinter Production Process Upgrade At MIM - Golesh Co. (Keynote), sips15_5_81
    Imeri, Shefik; Gara, Florim; Hasi, Sejdi; Rizaj, Musa; Deva, Nyrtene; Kongoli, Florian;
  • The Prospects For The Use Of High-power Nanosecond Pulses To Flotation Separation Of Sulfides From Rock-forming Minerals, sips15_5_251FS
    Bunin, Igor; Chanturiya, Valentine; Khabarova, Irina; Ryazantseva, Maria; Koporulina, Elizaveta;
  • Use Of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide In Underbalanced Drilling Operation, sips15_5_94
    Dehghani, Maryam;
  • Barite And Magnetite Production From Phosphate Rock Ore By Jigging (Keynote), sips15_5_218FS
    Silva, Andre Carlos; Silva, Elenice Maria Schons; Tomaz, Raphael Silva; Filho, Carlos Murilo Da Silva; Sousa, Debora Nascimento;
  • Limestone Fines Briquetting, sips15_5_214FS
    Silva, Andre Carlos; Silva, Elenice Maria Schons; Barros, Mariana Rezende;
  • Influence Of Conditioning And Flotation Time Using Macauba's Oil In Microflotation, sips15_5_216FS
    Pacheco, Canuele Adamiane T; Silva, Andre Carlos; Silva, Elenice Maria Schons;
  • Microflotation Using Jatropha Curcas Oil As Apatite Collector, sips15_5_243FS
    Silva, Andre Carlos; Silva, Elenice Maria Schons; Moraes, Izabela L. A.; Morais, Veronica Leite; Filho, Carlos Murilo Da Silva;
  • Microflotation Of Apatite With Pulp Oils And Macauba Chestnut, sips15_5_217FS
    Silva, Andre Carlos; Silva, Elenice Maria Schons; Pacheco, Canuele Adamiane T; Rocha, Tercio William Pereira; Sousa, Debora Nascimento;
  • Sand Production Management For Oil And Gas Reservoirs, sips15_5_95
    Dehghani, Maryam;
  • Transformation Of Concentration Coordinates And Polyhedration Of Concentration Complexes In Multicomponent Systems, sips15_5_124FS
    Lutsyk, Vasily; Vorob'eva, Vera; Parfenova, Maria;
  • Kinetics Of Oxidized Roasting Of Egyptian Galena, sips15_5_292FS
    Abdel-rehim, Aly;
  • The Use Of Fired Ceramic Tile Wastes In The Production Of Blended Cement, sips15_5_315
    Toker Derdiyok, Melis; Ergin, Hasan;
  • Perspective Of Production Of Base Metals And Rare Metals In Kosovo, sips15_5_447FS
    Kelmendi, Shyqri; Murati, Nagip; Vitaku, Asllan; Mustafa, Bajram;
  • The Receiving Of Scandium Rough Concentrate During The Processing Of Red Mud In Alumina Production (Poster), sips15_5_138
    Semenov, Sergei; Sokolova, Yulia; Bogatyreva, Elena;
  • Modelling The Hydraulic Entrainment Phenomenon Inmicroflotation (Poster), sips15_5_213FS
    Silva, Andre Carlos; Silva, Elenice Maria Schons; Guimaraes Junior, Paulo;
  • Apatite's Microflotation Using Macauba's (Acrocomia Aculeata) Nut Oil As Collector (Poster), sips15_5_264FS
    Silva, Andre Carlos; Silva, Elenice Maria Schons; Rocha, Tercio William Pereira;
  • Chromium Ores In Albania, sips15_5_323
    Demi, Genc;
  • Use Of Residual Frying Oil As A Collector Reagent In The Ore Flotation (Poster), sips15_5_379FS
    Costa, Denilson; Da Costa Lisboa, Mayara; Oliveira, Priscila; Silva, Andre Carlos; Peres, Antonio; Paracampos, Monica;
  • Material Transport And Energy Efficiency In Grinding Mills (Plenary), sips15_5_442
    Latchireddi, Sanjeeva;
  • Ball Mill Simulation With Moly-Cop Tools (Poster), sips15_5_82FS
    Silva, Andre Carlos; Silva, Elenice Maria Schons; Silva, Juliana Aliques De Oliveira;

2nd Intl. Symp. on Sustainable Secondary Battery Manufacturing and Recycling
  • Energy Research At Chemical Sciences And Engineering Division At Argonne National Laboratory (Keynote), sips15_14_242
    Burrell, Anthony;
  • Materials & Energy Sustainability In The Recovery Of Lead From Secondary Sources (Invited), sips15_14_140
    Sonmez, Seref; Kumar, Vasant; Yang, Jiakuan;
  • The Italian Way To The Collection And Recycling Of Lead Acid Accumulators, sips15_14_129FS
    Pescetelli, Alessandro; Sancilio, Cosmo; Tine, Antonino;
  • Thermodynamic Model For Design And Optimization Of Waste Lead Acid Batteries Smelting, sips15_14_130FS
    Pescetelli, Alessandro; Sancilio, Cosmo; Tine, Antonino;
  • Recent Progress On Nanostructure Anode Materials For Lithium Ion Batteries (Plenary), sips15_14_287
    Capiglia, Claudio;
  • Preparation Of Nanocrystalline Lithium Niobate Powder Using Pechini Polymeric Precursor Method, sips15_14_511
    Yerlikaya, Cemile; Kamali, Ali; Kumar, Vasant;
  • Sustainable Hydrometallurgy Lead Acid Batteries Recycling Based On Carboxylic Acids, sips15_14_262
    He, Xiong; Kumar, Vasant; Yang, Jiakuan;
  • A Novel Pyrometallurgical Process For The Recovery Of Metal Values From The Cathode Active Materials Of The Spent Lithium-ion Batteries, sips15_14_344
    Khoshandam, Behnam; Kumar, Vasant;
  • On The Processes On The Lithium Electrode In Lithium-Sulfur Batteries, sips15_14_398
    Kolosnitsyn, Vladimir; Kuzmina, Elena; Karaseva, Elena; Ivanov, Alexey; Kumar, Vasant;
  • Application Of Carbon Nanomaterials In Energy Storage Systems, sips15_14_406
    Kamali, Ali; Kumar, Vasant; Fray, Derek;
  • A Brief Review Of Progress In Li-S Batteries, sips15_14_436
    Kumar, Vasant; Xi, Kai;
  • Pathways To Low Cost Energy Dense Non-aqueous Flow Batteries (Invited), sips15_14_352
    Brushett, Fikile;
  • Decoupling Conductivity And Mechanical Properties In Polymer Electrolytes Using High Aspect Ratio Nanofillers (Invited), sips15_14_351
    Maranas, Janna;
  • Reversible Solid Oxide Fuel Cells For Energy Storage: Present Status And A Comparison With Alternatives (Invited), sips15_14_444
    Aravind, Pv;
  • Scalable And Sustainable Production Of Metal-oxide Coated 3D Graphene For Electrochemical Energy Storage (Invited), sips15_14_259
    Fisher, Timothy;
  • The Effect Of Alkalescency Reagents-ammonia On Leaching Of Spent Lead Pastes Based On Citric Acid Method, sips15_14_277FS
    Yang, Jiakuan; Zhang, Wei; Hu, Yuchen; Yu, Wenhao; Dong, Jinxin; Wang, Junxiong; Li, Mingyang; Kumar, Vasant;
  • Detection Of Ni (II) In Pb (II)-rich Waste Solution By Competing Ligand Exchange-adsorptive Stripping Voltammetry, sips15_14_550
    Liu, Yingjun; Kumar, Vasant;
  • The Role Of Stress-diffusion Interactions On The Fracture And Crack Growth In Lithium Ion Battery Electrodes Using The Extended Finite Element Method (Invited), sips15_14_305
    Natarajan, Sundararajan; Aifantis, Katerina;
  • Preparation Of Tin And Tin Sulfide Alloy On Carbons And Graphene Via Chemical Method For Use As Anodes In Lithium-ion Batteries (Invited), sips15_14_382
    Sarakonsri, Thapanee; Aifantis, Katerina; Waket, Thitima; Hackney, Stephen;
  • NMP-free Processing Of Lithium Ion Batteries (Invited), sips15_14_284
    Das Gupta, Raj;
  • Infiltration Of Small Amount Of CuO To Modify The Catalytic Property Of The Cathode In Solid Oxide Fuel Cell, sips15_14_563
    Gao, Chenlong; Liu, Yingjun; Tomov, Rumen; Kumar, Vasant;
  • Potential Anode Alternatives For Rechargeable Lithium-ion Batteries, sips15_14_564
    Xi, Kai; Kumar, Vasant;
  • Inkjet Printing And Inkjet Infiltration Of Functional Coatings For Energy Applications, sips15_14_509
    Tomov, Rumen; Kumar, Vasant; Glowacki, B;
  • Safety And Health Concerns With Lithium-ion Batteries, sips15_14_432
    Gul, Aysenur;
  • The Effect Of Carbon Materials On The Properties Of Epoxy, sips15_14_433
    Gul, Aysenur; Kamali, Ali; Fray, Derek;
  • Thermodynamic Study Of Leaching Of Active Mass From Spent Li-ion Batteries, sips15_14_215FS
    Takacova, Zita; Havlik, Tomas;
  • Towards Integrated Storage - Flow Batteries And Hydrogen (Keynote), sips15_14_271FS
    Hanley, Emma Sarah; Glowacki, Bartek; Amarandei, George;

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